Domestic and International Labor Market

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Domestic and International Labor Market







Human resource management has come a long way, evolving as the organizations evolve. Human resource management has always been there to care for the needs of the employees. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring the organization has the best employees with the right skills needed for the jobs. However, this is not always easy, considering the current trend in the labor market that is making it hard for employers to find the right employees. This is where training and development comes in, to make for the few skills that might be missing, as well as to build competence. Thus, an organization such as Chipotle would benefit in its fast food business by implementing a human resource strategy that integrated the goals of the organization with the human resource.
Domestic and International Labor Market

Domestic and international labor markets are places where both the employer and employees meet. Employees seek to earn money for living while the employer seeks people willing to work in their company. Over the last half a century, labor market has grown and gone far beyond borders, allowing international markets to be sourced where domestic markets are not sufficient or fail to provide the needed expertise. As companies seek to expand, they are faced with the issue of accessing the right skills matching their operations in different markets (Dreher & Dougherty 2010). Both domestic and international market labor have their strengths and weaknesses. However, with international labor markets, there is the advantage of getting the right talent where the domestic cannot provide. In some cases such as in developed countries, it has the advantage of providing cheaper labor. One company that cold benefit from the issue of domestic and international labor market is the Chipotle Mexican Grill, a fast food company that is growing quite fast.

One advantage that Chipotle could have from use of international labor market is attracting the right expertise especially considering they tend to serve foods that are more Mexican. Therefore, sourcing labor internationally would allow the company to import labor from where the right professionals in the field they seek will be more available. On the other hand, the domestic labor market will provide a good supply of workers who are familiar with the needs of the particular area, thus giving and added advantage. Chipotle should be sure to include employees from both markets. Such a company would be dependent on the skills of the workers. Therefore, the manager should ensure that the human resource or staffing is well managed and motivated to ensure highest level of production. For any business to compete in the market, the labor, which is the most valued asset has to the most talented the company can get. Thus, Chipotle company has the mandate to ensure that its staff is highly qualified of they are to compete competitively. In addition, it is the work of the human resource managers to ensure that workers are well motivated and kept in the right form.

Considering the trend of the current labor markets where finding the right staffing for employers is becoming hard while employees find it hard to secure the right jobs for their skills, development will be crucial (, 2010). Development is one way of solving this issue since developing and training workers in their job will build more competence than recruiting new. This should also serve to retain the staff since it also serves as a way of motivation. Above all, the manager should ensure that the staff training and development is focused on the corporate goals and objectives of the company. Through focusing the training and development to fit the needs of the organization, the company will be in a position to develop a staff that is suited to its operations and needs that will provide a competitive advantage. For Chipotle Mexican Grill, this is most important in order to ensure they have a well-coordinated and competent staff, which is one secret of fast food restaurants. For them to succeed, they require a staff that is well coordinated to ensure quick services that are its purpose. In addition, the current trend demands organizations that are more employees oriented in order to motivate them. Without such, a fast food company that requires its staff almost in all operation would not be in a position to compete. Thus, Chipotle should be sure to adopt an employee-oriented management that cares for its employs, so that they can care for the customers in return. Unmotivated workers have not morale to provide their best services to the company.

Conclusively, Chipotle Mexican Grill being a fast food restaurant will require to have a strong well developed staff as well as talented in order to provide the best services. As mentioned, human resource is the most valuable resource in the organization and should be managed and developed to suit the needs of the organization. In addition, the current trends in both domestic and international markets are changing everyday, with many employers finding it hard to locate a labor force that fits them specifically. Therefore, developments should be aimed at fitting the skills of the workers to the needs of the organization in order to ensure the best skills within the organization.



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