Drunk Drivers

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Drunk Drivers

            Drunk driving has been known to cause many deaths in United States and continues to cause more deaths. It is recognized as a crime and punishable by law. This is considered a lesser crime than others are, which is quite disturbing considering the fatalities it causes. First time offenders receive very light punishment such as having their licenses suspended for a period. This does not seem to deter the crime, considering that almost half of those found to cause fatal accidents under the influence of alcohol are not first time offenders. Therefore, when the first offenders are let go free with just a mere punishment, the courts are realizing criminals to the community. Nationally, drunk driving made up a 31% in 2010. This meant that every close to 45 minutes a person was killed by drunk driving. Therefore, to avoid drunk driving that is causing so many fatalities, I argue that drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense to ensure no body will be thinking of starting the habit.


In conclusion, it is clear that drunken drivers should be jailed at fist offence in order to deter the criminal behavior that is claiming many people around the whole world. despite the current efforts of deterring drunk driving, the number seems to continue rising. Thus, with out imprisonment for such offenders, people might continue to see drunk driving as a lesser crime eliciting lesser penalty. Therefore, imprisonment would ensure that people have a reason to avoid drunken driving. According to Alund, “A host of successful preventive measures have been used to discourage impaired driving, and the state has recognized that fear works and responded by ramping up DUI penalties,” (2012). Therefore, I strongly suggest that imprisonment even for first offenders be implemented.

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