E commerce security and payments system

Posted: September 6th, 2013

E commerce security and payments system





E commerce security and payments system

Mobile commerce crime

            Mobile commerce is the conduction of commerce by use of a mobile phone. Most people today access the internet via the mobile phones. This increases the hackers and malware cases. The mobile commerce cases continue to increase due to this. The mobile phones continue to advance every year. This increases the malware threats increasing possible crimes. As more features are introduced to the mobile phones such as the GPS functions, they become powerful tools and enhance criminal acts. However, safety measures in relation to business transactions and the mobile commerce are employed. Despite this, there are still new security threats that emerge from the mobile commerce (Kenneth, Carol, 2012).

New security threats

            The security threats in mobile commerce include snooping in to other people’s mobile phones and even stealing their information. The radio frequency operated mobile commerce enables a person to listen to another person’s conversation with ease. This affects the customers because of the intrusion of their privacy and information access without authorization. There also exists a security risk when information is passed over the networks. The sender and the recipient are always concerned about the identification and the message integrity. The identification integrity is the message signature that specifies from whom the message comes. The message integrity is the guarantee that the message has been received without access to an unauthorized third party. The message sender always tries to prevent the message from possible theft or exploitation of the staff information.

Other new security threats arise due to the advancement of technology. Today, mobile services are usually offered in return for payments. A mobile phone user may access other networks in return for a special rate. However, if there lacks enough security, the networks may be breached. Some of the security breaches occur when the user’s details are sent to a wrong account. This requires the encrypted data to be decrypted in order to enable recovery. When mobile phones request access to web pages of the network servers, certain four stages are always followed in order to translate one protocol to another. In this translation process, the data is decrypted and then re-encrypted. The mobile hacker can access the mobile network at this time and access the data at the time of decryption. This poses a security threat. The mobile phone data is secured by the encryption technology. The hackers have broken most of the encryption algorithms making it hard to provide full security (Kenneth, Carol, 2012).

My vision of the new opportunities for cyber crime

In the future, an international authoritarian framework should be introduced to deal with different security problems. This is due to the lack of assured security by any organization or even the government. In addition, in case a security breach occurs in an international transaction, no country takes responsibility for such actions. Therefore, a body that deals with the security threats should be employed. Trust should be practiced in commercial transactions especially in the mobile commerce field. These great insecurities make companies lose trust in their consumers. This trust can be built through developing a healthy relationship between the transacting parties. In addition, the person carrying out the transaction should be familiar with the procedure. Trust development in mobile commerce is essential since it will guarantee the consumers and successful businesses security in the network services use. They will also find it reliable and be sure of safe transactions. My vision, therefore, is to make mobile commerce reliable. This will make its worth surpass its risks.



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