Posted: August 5th, 2013

Answer a few questions

Question 1: Comments to Readings

Self-assessment is a new method in which students are asked to evaluate their own performances. This method also involves students assessing each other’s performances. Although most learning institutions have not adopted this strategy, those that have are reporting remarkable results. Self-assessment seeks to encourage students to develop from their experiences and prepare them for impromptu situations in the future. It is also an excellent way of finding out from the students about their teachers and fellow students. The assessment between teachers and students is unbalanced because most teachers do not accept the assessments made by the students about them. Through learning how to assess themselves, students are able to improve on their work without specialized guidance from their instructors and this instill a sense of responsibility in them.


In a mathematics class, the teacher always explained and gave out assignments. However, the results were quite disappointing. This means that the students did not understand the concepts because the teacher did not give them chances to ask questions. When a new mathematics teacher was brought to the class, she introduced discussion as one of her teaching methods. The students were divided into groups of seven an asked to solve mathematical problems in their respective groups. At first, the students seemed afraid to air their personal views in their groups, but in time, they learnt to work together. Using this method, the students gave the correct answers to the mathematical problems and learning mathematics became more interesting to them. The students also improved ion how they related to one another. In addition, their general performance in mathematics improved. The discussion method proved efficient in the class, as the students looked forward to their mathematics lesson everyday. Collaborative approaches are essential in the teaching learning process as they awaken the interest of both the students and instructors.

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