Posted: August 6th, 2013

Project Review

Project 1-NatureMapping Takes Kids — and Technology — Outside and into Active Learning

The project is an undertaking of students from Waterville Elementary School in Washington. It involves finding horny toads or short-horned lizards, in different habitats and learning about them. The project has changed the students and enabled them to learn more about horny toads. Through this project, the students have contributed to science, as they have been able to dispel some of the misconception, present even in the scientific community, about horny toads. The students collect data and update information concerning the horny toads, and this has invested the interest in the subject. It involves students in the fourth grade. It involves the cooperation of farmers from the community, who helps the students identify the location of the lizards.


This project meets the required guidelines for project-based learning. The project is integrated in the science curriculum. It helps the students to connect to the content of the textbooks, since they can relate this to real life. By the end of the project, students not only learn more about crops and food, but they also learn about the environment. The teachers use assessment as a tool for learning. They are able to assess their students during the entire course of the project based on the activities they do. The teachers ensure that every student participates in the project by dividing and sharing responsibilities. The students work in the garden and in the kitchen, and so student dominates an activity. The teachers assess the students by the information they have learnt in the course of the project.

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