Posted: August 5th, 2013

Education and its Implications

Discussion 1

The imparting of skills and knowledge to the next generation and the education process in both informal and formal settings has been bound with Homo sapiens emerging over a long time, including the last two and three hundred years. However, the formal way of schooling I still young compared to the informal method of imparting knowledge to learners. The world is in constant progress and development (Leonard, 2009). The education sector has not been left out and has been subject to change. Much of the progressing world has converged on a largely secular thrusting pre-collegiate form of education.


On a different field of study involves studies that would be conceptualized as teaching students what to think rather than how. Consequently, debates ensued on which of the two methods of study were better suited for learning. Therefore, a six-year long study was conducted to establish what kinds of choices the psychology students would be making and how these choices were in relation with their academic form (Colvin, 2003). With regard to evaluations performed on the students, the new methods teaching students how to think presented with significant distinction to the other method of teaching- teaching students what to think.

More often, students were noted to associate the development of understanding and studying skills with activating instruction. There was a relationship between the number of courses taken was found to have major impact on how the student performed in the final assessment test as well as thesis writing. When the experiment study was concluded and an analysis conducted, it was established that those who participated in the study emphasizing how to think were poor performers in the first three years of the course practice (Colvin, 2003). However, they managed to surpass their counterparts. They were also declared more successful even in the long period.

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