Posted: August 5th, 2013

Part 1


            The problem in that our school is experiencing currently is an average drop in the academic grades of students. I chose to address this problem because I realized that if it prevails, chances are that many students will not be in a good position to attain a worthy degree as compared to other colleges and universities in the country (Marchak, 1969). Competition is an advantage to students and teachers so that we constantly work hard to uphold our academic status in the society. However, with poor average grades, we fall out of the esteemed position. We have been among the top colleges in recent years therefore; we should not let our name be tarnished by poor grades. The problem is significant because it serves to deter students from being employed and long-term effect will be adverse in their lives. Hence, it is necessary to tackle it at this level to avoid regrets and anguish in the end.


5) How can we sustain the focus or momentum?

We can give the idea much impetus by having different educational forums organized within the college to foster students’ efforts in their academic papers and to encourage dialogue to understand other problems that might be the barriers to their success. That way we will be able to mitigate them while we are still on the new program. Motivational speakers can also be coming once in awhile to encourage students and give them better strategies in learning.

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