Educational Goals and Objectives

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Educational Goals and Objectives

Discussion Post One

Instructional aims can be defined as central purposes through which an educational system becomes oriented towards accomplishing goals related to the system’s traditional task. The central purpose may also focus on accomplishing roles established by current changes in the world (Marzano, 2009). These aims are based on socio psychological and philosophical aspects of culture and society. Instructional goals are those are those milestones set for achievement. In general, these goals are designed by instructional aim or can be part of the ultimate goal of education. These aims are meant to suit the educational interests of students and teachers.

Instructional objectives can be considered statements that offer specifications that a learner is supposed to accomplish after receiving instruction (Marzano, 2009). Instructional objectives offer descriptions of the intended result of the instruction rather than describing the summary of the content. They are among those steps that should be followed in the course of developing instruction. Instructional objectives provide both the teacher and the students with a direction or bearing.

The grading system of the course will be based on learner’s adherence to the terms of performance. Learners are also required to the academic integrity standards set by the course. This will include the use of correct format of citations wherever necessary. Any recognized citation format will be accepted if it is complete. The course highly discourages using slides and course lectures as primary references. Additionally, Wikipedia sources are also discouraged but are good sites to acquire other citations of better quality. The course would also offer appropriate accommodation for learners who do not speak English as their first language (Edberg, 2007).

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