Egar Allen Poe

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Egar Allen Poe

            Edgar Allan is a person who is well recognized in the history of literature as he worked as an American writer, poet, editor and critic. In addition, he was considered as a member of the American Romance association and was the first writer in America to attempt earning income from writing only, leading him to face financial challenges in his career. Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston, in the city of Massachusetts. Edgar Allen lived a life of many struggles including poverty, misfortune, frustration and mental illness. However, he was able to deal with the situation and still be successful in creating an exceptional writing piece. In addition, he became a well-known poet, narrator and an author of several writing art. Edgar Allen’s achievements are inspiring if compared to the personal and professional challenges he faced in the process of accomplishing them (Bloom, 5).

Edgar’s biological parents were besieged actors since his father was an alcoholic while his mother suffered from great depression. In addition, he became an orphan at the age of three years and adopted by rich parents. However, Edgar still faced several difficulties with his foster parents because his father was unsupportive in financing Edgar’s first hobby. As a result, he formed a dark individuality and a fondness in drinking, which made him feel isolated. Although Edgar’s foster father disliked him, he made effort in raising him to be a successful businessperson. However, the personal disagreements between Edgar and his father made it impossible for this to happen. Edgar was enrolled in a boarding school in Manor House.

. In addition, he hated his life in the institution to the extent of breaking the rules and causing trouble on purpose (Haye, 17) Edgar’s father had a business in London, which started to become unsuccessful. As a result, he moved his family to Richmond, and this is where Edgar started writing his poetry (Haye, 16). After finishing high school, Edgar was enrolled at the University of Virginia, where he was studying languages. Edgar started gambling and as a result, owed people a lot of money. He acquired a huge amount of money to the University, which his father refused to pay. His father discontinued his education at the Virginia University since he withdrew his financial support in Edgar’s education. Luckily, Edgar developed strong confidence in his literary ability and prominence and decided to profit from his innovative work.

As he issued poetry books and established significant achievements in magazines, he realized that it was impossible to sustain him. However, magazines benefited from the recognition they were getting and as a result, Edgar found a successful career in becoming an editor and an author for magazines. He became married at the age of 27 years and this meant added responsibilities of maintaining his wife and mother-in-law. Edgar had a vibrant fictional critic whose assertions in various literature works influence the current writers. However, he often argued with his workers and at the same time struggled with alcoholism.

Edgar became one of the greatest writers in the Romance and Goth category because of his expressive foundation based on his life experiences that involved tragedy. In addition, he also had a natural fondness for theatrical themes of misplaced love and dreadful illness. Edgar Allen’s wife became very ill due to being infected by tuberculosis. The condition of her illness became worse to the extent of causing her death. As a result, this tragedy served as an inspiration for a majority of his writing pieces including poems that were related to his experience. In addition, his profound interest in the macabre enabled him to be one of the greatest narrators in horror stories. He was recognized for the twist he put on the stories that was greatly inspired by his uncertain mental condition, that describes his struggle in proving that he is a normal person.

Edgar was also known as a masterful author of detective narratives. He accomplished this through constructing a plot mechanism known as ratiocination, which enabled the detective characters to resolve felonies by using a deductive judgment. Edgar also wrote and published his work based on scientific fiction. He studied and researched on scientific topics including hypnosis and physics. For example, in the area of physics he used the concept of the hot air balloon in his stories. Although Edgar made such great contributions in the history of literature, he still struggled with major depression. As a result, he passed away in the year 1849 due to his alcoholism. He resulted to heavy drinking because of his depression state of emptiness and his financial instability. Irony is sensed in this particular aspect because this situation made it possible for him to achieve exemplary and influential accomplishments and ideas in the history of literature (Bloom, 7).

Although no attempt was made to study or research Poe’s life and writing career, his writings usually appeared in form of small biographical drafts that included his work and life experiences. As a result, this information steered uncertainty within the public population












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