Electronic coupons

Posted: November 29th, 2013

Electronic coupons







Electronic coupons

            The target markets for personal electronic and social network marketing are consumers with computer literacy. The world has turned digital and many people are using internet for several purposes. Such people belong to either youthful stage or middle-aged people. Only a few people in the old age are computer literate and access the internet frequently. Therefore, when marketers use social networks and other electronic media, they mainly target this group of people. It is agreeable to support the fact that the use of social media for marketing has more benefits than shortcomings (Parker & Parker, 2006).

Electronic coupons are a marketing strategy, which came with the computer technology. Consumers do not have to use hard copy coupons anymore since it is easier to use electronic coupons. Coupons give discounts to customers and enable them to have new experiences. For instance, some customers testified that coupons gave them discounts enabling them to visit new restaurants and new gymnasium. Other coupons award customers points, which are later used to acquire more commodities. Electronic coupons have increased the customer base for marketers who utilize them.

Consumers and retailers benefit equally from coupons. Customers who redeem coupons are likely to make more purchases because of the discounts given. If the electronic coupons did not exist, they would not make extra purchases (Wilmes, 2012). They consider it is an economic way of getting more for less money. When customers make more purchases, retailers get a bigger profit margin. This is why using electronic coupons has become a popular marketing strategy for retailers and other business people.

Electronic coupons increase customer loyalty to business people. Several customers were interviewed and they agreed that they would frequently visit the same stores for more purchases. Others said they would not have bought from that store were it not for the coupons. Customers think coupons are gifts meant to make life simpler for the customers. Customers like stores where the owner appreciates and treats them well. The gifts make them feel special and think storeowners are mindful about their welfare.

Electronic coupons are convenient to both customers and business people. These coupons do not need to be in paper form for them to be acceptable. They appear online or by using codes to represent a coupon. A customer only needs to show it via his or her phone or become members of a social site. Electronic coupons make shopping online convenient because online shoppers can utilize them too (Foote, 2006). Online shoppers use codes to represent the coupons and they get their discounts from where they are. Many consumers are engaging in online shopping and this is another reason, which has made electronic coupons popular because they applicable to online shoppers.

Despite many benefits from electronic coupons, there are accrued shortcomings. Not every time an electronic coupon is used, has a benefit. A consumer needs to study his or her shopping trend. It will help in determining when to acquire the coupons and the types to get. It will be a loss to get coupons, which will not be used. The consumer will waste the value of the coupon. All coupons have expiry dates so they should be used when they are still valid. It is advisable for consumers to confirm expiry dates before taking a coupon. It would render a coupon obsolete if it will expire before being used. Not all local stores accept any type of coupon. In fact, many stores are beginning to ban all types of coupons. This is a limitation to the consumer if he or she needs to use that particular store (Samtur & Samtur, 2010).


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