Ellen Kullman

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Ellen Kullman

Leadership styles are defined as an approach used for the provision of guidance, implementation of strategies, direction of the same and motivation of individuals within an organization. With changes in technology and social approaches leadership styles have undergone diverse changes with an aim of formulating the best approach of leadership that could accrue maximum benefits to an organization. Within a majority of the most successful entities around the world, the executives or management exercise a blend of various types of leadership with an aim of accruing maximum benefits for the organization. Such styles include autocracy in using of directives, democracy to enhance full participation of individuals within the organization and delegation of duties or Laissez-faire, which is considered as a laid-back approach with, severe consequences if adequate supervision is not incorporated (Charness, Rigotti, & Rustichini, 2007). The most common leadership style is the combination of all the three identified approaches, which is aimed at ensuring equity and formulation of a perfect blend of the identified leadership styles.


In conclusion, Ellen Kullman illustrates the benefits of inclusion of all individuals within the organization provided if there is the presence of adequate supervision, which she provides to the teams within her organization. In addition, resilience, respect of all employees in terms of their opinions have aided in better strategies and development of consumer oriented products leading to high growth and success of the entity. Thus, entities could adjust towards democracy in the organization to encourage growth form innovation and ideas of teams and employees within the organization. This would also enhance performance within the organization.

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