Posted: August 6th, 2013

Nissan leaf commercial

            The Nissan leaf polar bear commercial advertises the need for the implementation of the renewable energy like solar and wind. Chevron Environmental Operations invests a lot of money on solar and bio fuels technology to enable success on the use of renewable energies. The company behind this commercial is the Chevron Environmental Operations. At the start of the advertisement, a man and a woman are featured. The man is called Steve. He is an employee of the Chevron Environmental Operations. He appears to be old in age and Caucasian. The woman featured is called In’g. She is in the teaching profession. She appears to be young and Philippine. The commercial proceeds to show a sign that says, “Its time oil companies get behind the renewable”. The people featured talk about the importance of the renewable energies. The advertisement ends with a sign that says, “We agree.” Finally, the Chevron company logo is shown with the words “human energy.” The advertisement is accompanied by background music.


It motivates people to put in to practice the use of the renewable energy today and now in order to eradicate the disadvantages that come with the use of oil such as high costs, and pollution. The people featured in the advertisement are audible. This enables credibility in the advertisement. The advertisement features the logo Chevron with the words “human energy” beside it. This logo represents the Chevron Company that introduces the renewable energy. Chevron aims to promote their brand of renewable energy. The advertisement features the words “we agree” to encourage the people to agree to the use of the renewable energy. The word “now” has also been repeated to stress on the need of employing the use of the renewable energies today since it is a vital form of energy to the world. If the consumers use the renewable energies, they will find it affordable and therefore, cut on costs (David, 530).

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