Posted: August 6th, 2013

Interview Questions





Question: Tell us about your experience

I have held various positions since I began working. I have worked as an administrative assistant, a preschool teacher, assistant camp director, and a school van driver. These were all diverse roles, and they presented different challenges and opportunities for growth. I have a lot of experience dealing with people of different ages.

Question: How can you use the qualifications you acquired in school?

I took courses in organization management, general education, and organizational leadership. These courses have prepared me for the work I have done so far. The qualifications I acquired will enable me deal with the challenges of management and leadership, and they will help me to become a better leader. Qualifications in general education equipped me with what I needed to work with children, and to work in a school environment.

Question: What skills and abilities do you have?

My training in diverse areas equipped me with several skills, especially in organization and people management. I relate well with the people I work with, and I have the ability of motivating other people. I am highly organized, and I have the aptitude for understanding logistics. I am able to schedule and coordinate activities well to ensure that all deadlines are met. I am bilingual and I have excellent communication skills.

Question: What are some of your strengths?

I am a flexible person, able to adjust to different environments and handle emerging situations with relative ease. I am also a patient and tolerant person, as dealing with children requires these qualities. I am a team player, and I seek to provide solutions to problems instead of magnifying the problem.

Question: What are some of your weaknesses?

I love perfection, and I tend to expect it from anyone who works with me. This has sometimes led to misunderstanding and disagreements with my colleagues.

Question: Why do you want to work for our company?

I have watched as your company has continued to grow and make a positive impact in our society. It has been my dream to work here because I believe in what your company stands for. It has constantly reiterated the importance of making a positive difference in communities, and it has placed people over profits.

Question: Why should we hire you?

I believe that I have a lot to offer your organization. I have a lot of experience dealing with children, and I understand them. I have worked with children from diverse backgrounds, and I understand what I need to do to cope with indifferences. This job will give me the chance to utilize my skills and abilities, and it will enable me to make a positive change in a child’s life. Above all, I enjoy working with children and seeing them grow

Question: Why have you applied for this position?

It is my desire to work with children, and since I started working, I have focused on positions that involve children. I believe that, as adults, we have the power to mould children to become better people in the future regardless of the position they hold in our lives. Being a childcare director will give me the avenue I need to instill change within the organization

Question: Where will you be in five years?

I believe that, in five years time, I will have moved to the senior management level in this company after ensuring steady growth in the company. I am a hard worker, and I put my best efforts in everything that I do.

Question: What do you think will be the biggest challenge you will face working in the organization?

I think that the biggest challenge will be satisfying the needs and demands of every parent. Some situations call for compromise, and some parents might not accept this.

Question: How will you handle diversity issues in the institution?

I have lived and worked with people from diverse backgrounds, racially, economically, and socially. In all these years, I have learnt that people can work together when they understand each other, and treat each other with respect.

How do you deal with difficult children, who are especially lacking in proper behavior?

I believe that the best way to deal with such children is to inculcate discipline. I can deal with such children by teaching them the meaning of disciple and showing them the repercussions of their behavior

What do you think is the best solution for the unhealthy weight and obesity problems affecting children today?

I believe that there is a two-fold solution to that. The first solution involves having children eat in a healthy manner. I believe that children should not feed on junk food or snack all the time. Children should only snack on occasion. The second solution involves adding physical activity. Children should learn what it means to engage in games and sports.

What has been your most rewarding experience working with children?

I think that the most rewarding experience has been seeing children grow and change positively. I have worked with children who, I would say, were not well mannered, but they have changed through training and persistence. This has been my most rewarding experience

What has been your most challenging moment when working with children?

I would say that my most challenging moment has not been with children but rather with the lack of cooperation with the parents

How long do you think you will work in childcare?

I do not intend to quit anytime soon, for I believe this is my calling in life. I will work as long as am able to do so.

What measures will you take to ensure the children are safe?

I will ensure that I have complied with all the policies and regulations established by legislation. I will also ensure that I do background checks on all the employees, and that I contact all their references to ensure that they are the right people for the job.




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