English Assignment

Posted: October 17th, 2013

English Assignment




English Assignment

Everybody’s Listening!

In the article, “Everybody’s Listening”, Bess Sondel discusses the different ways that a person can become a better listener. For people to become better listeners, they have to be able to form an image of an idea when they hear it. The listeners form the image from the controlling idea. This will enable the person to form the structure of the idea after identifying all the necessary facts. People become better listeners when they are able to recognize the essential parts from all the details in the information received, as this enhances understanding. People can become better listeners if they can distinguish between objective facts and the personal opinions presented. Facts are impersonal and verifiable, and they have to be linked to an idea. Becoming better listeners involve identifying the purpose behind the speakers’ words. When a person speaks to another, he or she wants the listener to understand him, feel something based on the information she receives, or react and do something. Because of this, the speaker will give the listener different types of information meant to inform or persuade her. Becoming a better listener requires a person to think intelligently about all the information that s/he receives.

Generating more Ear Power

In the article, the authors note how people have become careless when listening, leading to misunderstanding among them. Careless listening is a form of miscommunication that causes problems in different sectors and institutions including marriage and politics. People should improve their listening skills and behaviors to avoid ignoring, distorting, or forgetting the messages received. They can do this by encouraging each other to speak freely, listening intently when the other person speaks, and communicating frequently. Learning how to listen is a rewarding and enriching experience, which can lead people to prosper through learning and growing. Careful listening is important, as it enables a person to know the right response, and learn how to adapt to the world around them.

My Alma Mater

Main idea: it is possible for a person to change his or her life for the better through reading and use of words

Bimbi’s Influence:

A. Bimbi encouraged Malcolm X to take advantage of the correspondence courses taken in prison, and to make proper use of the library

B.  Malcolm X was influenced by Bimbi’s vast knowledge in different areas

C.  Malcolm X was influenced by Bimbi’s ability to command respect from everyone because of the knowledge he possessed

Own efforts

A. Malcolm X copied every word in the dictionary and learned the meaning of those words

B. He dedicated many hours to study, sometimes fifteen hours in a day

Result: through his efforts, Malcolm X improved his handwriting as he copied the words from the dictionary, and he improved his handwriting speed because of this. He learnt how to read, and this enabled him to understand all that he read. He was able to read diverse forms of literature, thereby satisfying his curiosity.

None of this is Fair

Richard Rodriguez examines the affirmative action on the white majority, using the experiences he has had as a Mexican American. I am for affirmative action because I believe that it helps those who are disadvantaged, and the minority. Many minority people, because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation, have limited possibilities compared to the majority. They do not get the same opportunities, and this limits their chances of success. Affirmative action ensures that such people have the opportunity to better their lives by getting the same opportunities, as those who are in advantageous positions.

The Great Paradigm Shift

Paradigm- refers to a pattern of doing things, which is accepted and recognized by most people.

Paradigm shift- this refers to a major or radical change in the thought patterns or belief systems

Binary –situation characterized by having two parts, sides, divisions, or processes

Linear- something that only has one dimension, or one representation of an idea

Hierarchical paradigms- a situation where all authority flows from an established top position

Cyclical paradigms- situations that allow for alternate sources of authority and power

Steneim advocates for a shift in the paradigm that allows for change from the established patterns, which are considered natural. She encourages others to look for more possibilities, and this calls for people to have an open mind. This will enable people to avoid the disasters that they are currently dealing with to happen again. This paradigm shift will provide solutions to environmental problems such as pollution, and social problems such as race and religious indifferences.

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