Posted: August 5th, 2013

Being overweight and Obesity is Dangerous

Being overweight and obesity issues in the United States have become quite a problem with many people finding it hard to control their weight. The truth is that overweight and obesity is dangerous and can cut short someone’s life. Many Americans love the sedentary lifestyle that allows them to engage in hardly any physical activities except for those in a fitness program. As you go to the school bar to buy your favorite candy instead of eating healthy food, it would be worth remembering that being overweight and obesity is dangerous. More important, one should always remember that weight could be controlled, as long we are willing to eat healthy and loose the sedentary lifestyle that hinders any form of physical activity that could help us burn the extra calories in our body. Putting on more weight could be dangerous as well as costly for you and your loved one considering the many illnesses one is exposed.


From many researches conducted by experts, overweight and obesity has been linked to more than 30 illnesses that pose serious dangers to the person. As shown, you can see the dangers posed by being overweight and the regrets that people go through when they become diagnosed with some terminal illness. It hurts more when they know they could have stopped this from happening simply by eating healthy and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, as you buy your candy at the school candy bar, it is essential to think of how much of the calories you are burning, and the amount you take in order to watch your weight. In addition, it is evident that prevention from overweight and obesity is quite easy and only requires keeping aside a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating (Chan and Woo, 769).

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