Entertaining/ After Dinner Speech

Posted: August 6th, 2013

After Dinner Speech

            Thank you for your most appreciated attendance to this dinner gathering, for thus making this gathering a possibility. Being young there are many things you could be doing at this moment but hey, then you would not get the opportunity to get the fine food offered here, and who does not love a good meal. I wish I ate like this daily, feels like thanksgiving! I know you are probably tired of lectures, after spending most of your life listening to teachers, but I know you can spare a few minutes to listen to some words of wisdom. Even after much reference to the works of tutors on speech presentation such as Bowden (2000), I still do not have much luck with those. I might humor you in a different way than you expect where you might end up laughing at my lack of humor than the abundance of it, do not say you were not warned. This dinner was more of a moment for sharing with each other, rather than presenting a lecture, which I know most of you cannot appreciate now. Young people face a lot of stress these days, yet few people take the time to acknowledge what they go through, and help them cope with all the pressure. I know that I certainly need someone to talk to about the stresses and pressures of life.


I believe technology has played a vital role in the modern student’s life, and few of you can survive without your tweets and updates. It makes learning and interactions easier, creates, and increases job. This has helped us get more time to share with our friends. Let us use this technology as a way to unburden our emotions, and share our feelings with others. It always helps to unload problems. Let us not use technology to add more stresses. Life is all about balance and moderation. When we learn how to live in moderation, we will not have as much stress as we are facing. As we leave this place, if not with anything else, let us leave with the zeal to view life as a field of opportunities, with the mentality that all situations can be turned into a goldmine, or better, a diamond mine. Cheers.

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