Environmental Studies

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Environmental Dissent

Question one

Indeed, we as a global society have are in need of necessities to ensure our survival. These necessities may include food, water, air, shelter, and clothing. Every individual is entitled to these necessities. However, the right to access these necessities has been significantly compromised by the declining status of the environment. One major way of voicing our concern over the rights of all life on the planet to access these necessities is through peaceful and coordinated protest (Walsh, 2007). In my view, raising an alarm concerning a particular vice does should not lead to the development of another vice. One good example of non-violent protest is that by 25-year-old Julia Hill. In this case, her protest manages to raise awareness on the harmful logging of ancient forests by a logging company. Her form of protest was effective and did not constitute any negative reaction from relevant authorities.


Another option to the Nauru plight would be continued phosphate mining until the mineral becomes completely depleted. In this case, both the government and other countries will continue to enjoy the benefits of phosphate mining as valid solutions are thought through. It would not make any economic sense to abandon the phosphate deposits at any costs. From an economic point of vie, the mining activity should therefore continue until the resource becomes depleted. From this point, relevant authorities will now figure out the way forward.

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