Essay 4

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Question 2
What is the encomienda system and how did that system affect the people in the New World?

It is a system whereby Spanish settlers were given gifts in the form of land grants.

B. What consequences did this have for the Amerindians?

The Amerindians lost possession of their lands and were plunged into a hunger crisis.

Question 8
What dance is related to the son and is much better known to American audiences?
The rumba dance

B. What religion is associated with this dance?

The African religion of yulea additionally makuta.

Question 15

A. The bossa nova is a combination of which two (2) styles of music?

The samba and the American jazz.

B. Who were the two (2) American jazz players who popularized the bossa nova in the United States?
Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz.

C.  Who were the two (2) Brazilian musicians who developed the bossa nova?

Johnny Alf and Antonio Carlos

Question 21

A. What does Sephardic mean?

Sephardic means “those Jews associated with Spain”.

B. What does Ashkenazi mean?

Ashkenazi means “those Jews who settled in the middle and northern Europe”.

C. What is the original (Greek) meaning of diaspora?

The Greek meaning of diaspora is dispersion however in current times the word has been used to describe a community, object or occurrence that is not local.

Question 22
Describe how Jerry Bock made If I Were a Rich Man and Wedding Dance reflect the Jewish sound and, at the same time, made it acceptable to Western ears.

He achieved this by approximating the music rhythm of the Yiddish culture using the minor scale of the western harmony.

B. What does klezmer mean literally, when translated into English?

Vessels of song.

C. How does the essay describe how klezmer sounds?
Klezmer sounds is described as authentic in the essay.

D. What prominent instrument is used to achieve this sound?

The clarinet is one of the instruments capable of mimicking the human sound in pitch consequently vital in creation of Klezmer sound.


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