Posted: August 29th, 2013






Surfacing information and communication technologies virtually touch each aspect of life. Development of modern technology is closely related to human activities and social inventions. The human-technology interaction technologies need constant exploration that is highly inter/multi-disciplinary in character. Human Technology is a scholarly journal that acts as an outlet for fundamental investigation and scientific conversations.

The technology of human presents innovative exploration to issues and challenges that bound the individual role in areas of infused ICT societies. Most journals try to find studies from a number of scientific disciplines to view how technology can affect the existence of humanity and how it can foster and enhance research, development, edification, communiqué and other turfs relevant to its discipline. The technology of humanity and its applicable articles are proposed for use in both scientific community and industry. Through the technology of humanity, researchers are optimistic in teaming up and explore the inter-discipline type of the man-made technology in multiple and valid perspectives.

For a fact, it is well known that technology can improve livelihood and lives. Researchers are working on the subject where chips are fit to brains to make human beings robots. Another perspective by a Marquette University philosopher is on Tran-humanism. This addresses arguments for and against the unrestricted modification of humans through genetic manipulation, bio-implants and nanotechnology. The technophysio evolution has powered many advances in the general economy. Hence, this has outpaced traditional evolution the uniqueness of individuals compared to other species but also from previous generations.

Mr. Fogel alongside his counterparts did a research that marked a huge achievement in their lives. They discovered a means to gain in body size. However, there was not much proof to back up their research. They eventually pored their time over a colossal quantity of raw data to section up records of health of different people worldwide. There is also a case of protest in Australia against implanting chips in our brains. The essence of the protest was to tell the Australian biologists that the humanity species were not pets. As had been implicated, many protesters made their cause clearer even in the online social websites to mobilize support against that cause.

By 2020, the terms “interface” and “user” will be archaic as computers and humans merge. It is a prediction in a report backed by Microsoft drawn from the discussions of forty-five academics from the areas of computing, science, sociology and psychology. It also predicts elementary changes in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). By the year 2020, humans increasingly advance machines. In turn, machines and computers will anticipate what humans would want from them, which will require new rules about our relationship with machines.

This information gives a glimpse on how technology has quite an effect on humankind. In my opinion, technology improves human life, enables further development of human thought, and explore far beyond their expectations. Improvement of our society demonstrates that technology does not decline the ability of humans to reflect and implement their ideologies. Besides, the knowledge of how to solve a problem is part of mental processing. In the recent modern world, people ought to rely on technology and information to solve problems. This will help to be more efficient, productive and more precise with the workload given. Nevertheless, there are some evident downbeat impacts of technology on humans; most of which are psychological in nature, like “internet addiction”. We have to bring to a close that technology has created a broader avenue to improve and better our livelihood but, wisdom is to be adhered to as we venture into the same.


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