ethnicity and culture in the university of texas at san antonio

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Ethnicity and culture in the University of Texas at San Antonio

Ethnic groups are groups of people who share a common identity, history, heritage and culture. Language or dialect is the most common expression that differentiates one ethnic group from another. Other aspects that stress an individual’s ethnic group are displayed in religion and race. The usage of the term “ethnic group” in the early 19th century signified the notion of a unified nation or “a people”. In the 20th century, the term nationality, ethnicity and citizenship are used interchangeably. In the late 20th century, ethnicity has come to be associated with immigrants and indigenous people in opposition to nationality. Within Greater Britain, ethnicity is also closely related to race (Sanderson et al 230).


The ethnic climate within San Antonio has been generally calm\ over the last decade owing to the increase in the intake of foreign students from Asia, Africa and Europe. However, in the early 19th century, there were isolated cases of ethnic conflict that involved the discrimination of colored women, the town council had the audacity to discuss about the vice displaying the high level of ethnic tolerance in San Antonio (Dzidzienyo et al 127). Some of the reasons for the increased tolerance over the years include increased access to information on other cultures and races from different continents. The high level of education within the San Antonio area has also helped many of the minority and foreign ethnic groups get a comfortable life in Texas. The liberal quality that is common to all American states also played a part in increasing the levels of ethnic tolerance (Adriana 45).

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