Exercise Assessment

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Exercise Assessment

Physical exercises are an integral part of the body. As much as the body requires the ingestion of healthy and nutritious foods, it also requires a schedule designed specifically for exercise. This is because exercising stimulates the mind and the body resulting into a well-toned, fit and healthy person. Moreover, exercise maintains a person’s psychological wellbeing as a stress reliever and a precursor to the self-esteem and confidence of a person. Since exercise is an important determinant of a person’s health, it is important to assess my individual level of exercise using factors such as time taken, reasons attributed to the level of exercise as well as the possibility of advancement.

1. It is important to determine my current exercise level. The level acts as a measure for scrutiny to determine whether there is the possibility or lack of advancement. At present, my current exercise level is Level 2. Level 2 comprises a maximum of three to five hours each week. The exercise that I indulge in is walking. Every weekend, I make sure that I walk around the neighborhood for one to two hours. I can increase my time for exercise; however, my school schedule restricts me from indulging in strenuous activities. For instance, Home assignments and schoolwork usually hinder me from according extra time to my exercise routine since they require a lot of time. Moreover, the approach of the cold season forces me to limit my exercise to home.

2. Determining my current level of exercise has enabled me to select an activity that can increase my exercise level from Level 2 to Level 3. Level 3 comprises a range of six to ten hours every week. This activity is badminton. Badminton is a sport that I recently learned how to play. At first, I did not take much interest in it but through the intervention of my friends, I found the sport interesting and beneficial in terms of my exercise routine. Consequently, badminton as a sport enables me to emphasize on my physical fitness as well allows me to lose weight. Therefore, in order to fix the sport in my schedule, I decided to visit the gym several days a week after school in order to play badminton.

3. At the beginning, it was difficult to stay in the advanced level due to various factors. For instance, adapting to the time that I had accorded to take part in the sport was difficult due to the demanding and rigorous activities the sport requires. Therefore, at times, I would not stay within the time allocated for Level 3. Other factors such as lateness affected my exercise schedule because of schoolwork and classes. Despite the limitations, the factors could be controlled. Within the one week, I have managed to become accustomed to my advanced exercise schedule by adapting to the sport as well as managing my time for schoolwork by completing my assignments in respectable time. I have managed to reduce weight and increase fitness at the same time in just one week.

Exercise improves the social, psychological and physiological health of a person. By taking part in the advanced level through the inclusion of badminton, I was able to accentuate socially by engaging in the sport together with my friends and peers. Psychologically, my self-esteem is attuned because of the aspect of a well-toned and fit body while physiologically, I am able to sleep well and increase my immunity against opportunistic infections attributed to a weak immune system.

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