Expansion Card Activity

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Expansion Card Activity


  1. Using online resources and the table below, find 3 expansion card examples for each of the designated slots on a motherboard. Provide the OS compatibility, data rate, power requirements, card description, peripheral that it supports and URL path to manufacturer’s site.


    OS compatibility data rate power


card description Peripheral supported Mfr URL
PCIe (x1) 1 Yes 400 Mbps 300 Watts Memory Expansion Card Video cameras, external hard disks and video cameras www.ca.com
2 Yes 480Mbits DC +5 Volts Hard disk cards Flash cards, cameras, etc. www.kingston.com
3 No 1.5Gbps DC +5 Volts Interface cards e.g. Bluetooth Mobile storage devices www.kingston.com
PCIe (x4) 1 No 256MB 200Watts Compatibility Card monitors www.kingston.com
2 No 256MB 200 Watts Physics card Flash cards, PCs, monitors www.kingston.com
3 No 200MB 300 Watts Solid-state drive Cameras, flash cards www.kingston.com
PCIe (x8) 1 No 3Gbs 200 Watts Post cards Printers www.kingston.com
2 Yes 6Gb/s 200 Watts Disk controller Disk drives www.kingston.com
3 Yes     Security Device cards cameras www.kingston.com
PCIe (x16) 1 No 6Gb/s 250Watts AMR Advanced Multi Rate Codec PCs www.kingston.com
2       SCSI   www.kingston.com
3       Modems   www.kingston.com
PCI 1 No 6gb/s 200Watts Network cards PCs www.uebo.com
  2 No 64bits 250Watts Sound cards PCs www.kworld.com
  3 No 64bits 250 Watts Radio Tuner cards PC www.kworld.com
AGP 1 No 384bits 600Watts Video card video www.evga.com
  2 No 720p/1080i 250 Watts Video Capture Video pllyers and multimedia www.hauppauge.com
  3 No 64bits 250Watts TV Tuner Cards Multi media systems www.avermedia.com




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