Expensive Car or Cheap Car; Which Lasts Longer

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

Expensive Car or Cheap Car; Which Lasts Longer








Expensive Car or Cheap Car; Which Lasts Longer

When purchasing a vehicle, people will normally put into consideration several things, for example, suiting the intended task, its performance, maintenance, fuel consumption. The main determinant however, depends on the financial stability of the buyer. One has to consider the financial constraints involved for instance, savings, future prospects and current demands- before purchasing any vehicle. The current market is filled with numerous vehicles ranging from cheap, used, and luxurious. This research paper analyses the quality between expensive and cheap in all fronts and will determine which of the two offers the better choice in terms of service time. For this research, I opted to choose a Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Camry as the variables to be compared. In this case, a Mercedes Benz is a vehicle tuned to spark materialism and a driver’s desire for finer qualities in a vehicle, and they come at very exorbitant prices. Mercedes Benz vehicles are ones that emphasize on refinement and luxury. They are deemed symbols of success, status and achievement.

On the other hand, a Toyota Camry is more of a middle class standard vehicle designed to suit consumers who may not or prefer not to purchase a luxurious vehicle. Compared to the Mercedes Benz, it is cheaper in price and by a huge margin.  For the level of measurement and measurement scale of the two variables, the basis employed revolved around price, quality, performance, car repair and maintenance, and level of service in terms of depreciation and resale values. The possible outcomes of this research are evidence supporting the study hypothesis on all the findings regarding the two variables. The other possible outcome is that the evidence gathered will neither approve nor disapprove the study hypothesis.

Toyota Camry

The main and obvious advantage of purchasing a Toyota Camry lies behind its price with current new models ranging up to 25, 000 dollars and below, with used models coming even cheaper. After all, in any purchase, a buyer will always look to strike the minimum price possible and be able to save an adequate amount of money (Low cost, but not cheap, 2007). However, when looking for a cheap car, it is advisable that one endeavors to carry out adequate research to command the best quality from a Camry at a reasonable price. The current development of the model has seen an improvement in engine power and performance, generating up to 180 horsepower. The Toyota Camry has an excellent resale value over five years depending on its current condition. The vehicle does not come with fancy qualities and so maintaining it is relatively cheap. In terms of repair, any replacements on parts are not expensive and are easy to acquire. From any buyer’ point of view, buying a vehicle at an appropriate price with minimal depreciation would be the best choice since getting the most out of the car is something to bargain for.

Another benefit from purchasing a Camry from a well known established dealer comes with offers of an extended warranty. This is particularly the case in certified vehicles. Attaining a warranty period offers assistance in curtailing expenses such as repair and results in one saving more money.     However, despite the above, there are some disadvantages involved in purchasing cheap cars like a Camry, with the main one being minimal safety. Most notably, countries such as China and India are known for developing low cost vehicles popular among the younger generation (Low cost, but not cheap, 2007). Some models of the Toyota Camry come with poor safety qualities that can cost someone’s life in the event of an accident. Majority of these vehicles do not accommodate air bags that are very fundamental in preventing serious injuries and death in any accident.

Mercedes Benz

The very first impression that comes with a Mercedes Benz is the class and prestige that comes along with it (Tumminelli, 2007). However, models form this type of vehicle do not come cheap. The current market is filled with models that range from 45, 000 dollars to 120, 000 dollars. Nevertheless, with prestige and image aside, Mercedes Benz offers a wide range of benefits from safety to raw performance. Compared to their non deluxe counterparts, a Mercedes Benz tends to offer the buyer with reliable safety features, and is proven through results from crash tests. In the event of any accident, there is an assurance of safety at a given level. These vehicles are also accompanied with other advanced safety features such as traction controls, night vision displays, antilock braking systems, airbags, and night vision displays (Tumminelli, 2007).

Expensive vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz provide a better and wider quality performance from their engine performance. With an engine of good quality, the car is guaranteed a longer life with minimal maintenance expenses. In addition to performance qualities, some vehicles come with transmissions up to six speeds, electronic stability, automatic transmission as well as high acceleration bursts in short periods (Tumminelli, 2007). Notwithstanding all the fancy qualities and raw performance of expensive vehicle, they also possess setbacks. These vehicles are powered by large engines from V-6 up to V-8 options. In the fuel economy, this translates to large amounts of fuel consumption and therefore more expenses. Moreover, they come with very large price tag that prompts one to consider the cost before purchasing, as well as adding their high costs of maintenance. Moreover, maintaining a Mercedes Benz is relatively expensive compared to a Toyota Camry with some spare parts hard to come by. In terms of resale value, the price of a Mercedes Benz will have dropped at higher rate in five years compared to a Camry.

Considering the above comparisons between the two different car classes, it is in my opinion that an expensive vehicle, the Mercedes Benz, despite its enormous price tag, is the better car that will offer a longer service life with certain benefits altogether. A Toyota Camry, as cheap as it comes is less safe and less durable. If you are looking for a vehicle with long service, a Mercedes Benz is the better option. A Toyota Camry on other hand can command a higher resale value but depreciates faster.



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