Externalizing Behaviors of Aggression and Violence

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Externalizing Behaviors of Aggression and Violence


This chapter research highlights on externalizing disorders that act as a primary determinant for violent and aggressive behavior among adolescents. Many youths will normally engage in acts of violence or aggression. However, not all those who engage in these acts are suffering from an externalizing disorder. Nevertheless, those diagnosed with the disorder are at a higher risk of falling prey to aggressive behavior. These kinds of behaviors have ultimately led to an amazing forty percent death rate of youths aged between 15 and 20 in America. Individuals who possess developmental histories are at a greater risk of performing anti social acts and will have an overall effect on their performance patterns in school leading to dismal results. The chapter asserts that any research conducted to focus on the interface of patterns of anti social behavior and schooling process will ultimately come up with intervention, screening and prevention efforts.


Using the assigned reading as a source of information to be used by classroom teachers who teach students with E/BD, the following strengths are noted.

  1. The assigned reading offers a valid approach that teachers should duly follow when approaching teaching practices with students who display emotional and behavioral disorders. This approach involves ways in which teachers should prepare themselves and the students for the learning experience.
  2. The other strength comes through advice to teachers to create an appropriate environment that is in accordance with the social and academic needs of E/BD students

My opinion on the strengths on the assigned reading is that they cover all the necessary issues revolving around emotional and behavioral disorder students. The proposals are therefore well researched and informed and are appropriate to apply in an E/BD class.


  1. The assigned reading source however does not make any provision for the challenges related to teaching E/BD students. These students are individuals who deal with poor self esteem, depression, and poor home environments. Attempting to impart knowledge to these students would prove to be a daunting task.
  2. In addition, the reading source does not offer any suggestions of the teacher recognizing the students’ values, talents, and strengths to facilitate creation of a curriculum relevant to their lifestyles. This would be a forefront for creating an implementation format that embraces individual learning styles of each student where appropriate.

In my opinion, understanding the anxiety and frustrations that fuel the negative behavior among E/BD students should be the fundamental principle, and the reading source does not mention this. A good understanding of the students would help avoid anger and fear reactions from the students.





  1. The author is able to drive home the point of making a connection between school practices and a social setting access. In my opinion, this is important because it would prompt early detection of students would E/BD behaviors and early action can be taken.
  2.  The other point made by the writer revolves around youths developing dismal school performances because of E/BD disorder. In my opinion, this is important because E/BD students rarely concentrate on their schoolwork because they are mostly preoccupied with mentally disturbing issues. This point can be stressed in order to steer EBD students towards having a reading culture.
  3.  The writer asserts that not all youths engage in violent or aggressive acts, and many confess they had engaged in recent physical fights. My thoughts on this point are in support because disputes in school are not necessarily brought about by externalizing disorders. They may also result from bullying and other personal issues. If these issues can be resolved, then cases of youth violence can significantly reduce. The importance of this point will serve the purpose of identifying the other causes of violence and adression other than EBD.

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