Favorite AD

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Favorite AD

The best advertisement was posted by collaboration between the Mumbai Traffic department and Vasir breweries. The advertisement showed the unopened cap on a bottle of beer from Vasir breweries. The cap of the drink had a drawing of a vehicle in perfect shape and condition. The next part of the advertisement showed the same bottle cap that had been partly twisted by an opener. The image of the vehicle on the cap was now malformed as if the car had crashed. Lastly, the third part of the advert showed the back of the cap which had “Don’t Drink and Drive” inscribed on it.

  1. What was the objective?

The advertisement had the main objective of deterring people from engaging in drunk driving. A large percentage of car accidents are caused by drunken drivers. Under the influence of alcohol, individuals have impaired judgment, lower visual abilities, poor hand-eye coordination and a general low awareness of the environment (Solomon 14). The advertisement intended to stress upon people who indulge in alcohol to regulate their intake and more specifically, to desist from driving vehicles when under the influence as it could lead to car accidents and loss of life as well as damage to property (Solomon 12).

  1. Does the theme match the editorial environment?

The theme goes well with the editorial environment in which the Vasir breweries advertisement was placed. The choice of Internet was very well informed because a large part of the population uses internet services for most of their everyday jobs such as researching, checking emails, networking and purchasing goods and services. The advertisement therefore stood the highest chance of being viewed if it was posted on the internet. The images in themselves were self-explanatory and required no extra wording. The advertisement in itself was simple, straightforward and relevant to most people who indulge in alcohol. The designers used three basic pictures to convey an important message that would save the lives of many people.

  1. Does the ad personality match the product?           

The personality of the advertisement matches the product being advertised. Their advertisement lacked any models or people making viewers focus on the drink itself as well as the consequences of drinking too much of the product. The advertisement held with it enough emphasis on the dangers of drinking too much and driving without necessarily going into the details and saying it word for word. It must not be forgotten that, in the process of reminding consumers not to overindulge in alcohol consumptions, Vasir Breweries were also advertising their own product in a subtle and indirect way (Atkin 23).

  1. What overall, gets your attention?

The most appealing and notable part of the advertisement was the second image showing the partly twisted bottle cap and subsequently, the crashed car. The designers chose the Volvo model as it was a more expensive and exquisite car. An image of the superb Volvo being crashed because of drunk driving was bound to have an immense effect on alcohol consumers and male drinkers. The focus on vehicles as the main advertising tool was to attract male drinkers who made up a larger part of drunken drivers as compared to females. The advertisement was therefore intriguing to most alcohol drinkers.

  1. Do you use the product or service? 

Personally, I am an average consumer of Vasir Breweries products particularly their beer. The advertisement made much sense to me as I also own a car and often drive myself after a drinking session. I have also experienced a few minor accidents caused by my misjudgment when I was under the influence of alcohol (Atkin 24). The advertisement can be said to be effective in that it will persuade non-drinkers of alcohol to desist from taking the first bottle. For people who drink alcohol, the advertisement on top of each bottle serves as a constant reminder of what might happen to them if they choose to drink and drive. One cannot however accept the fact that some people might acknowledge the advertisement as important while sober but disregard the warning underneath the bottle cap after having a few bottles of beer or wine.


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