Federal Government

Posted: November 8th, 2023

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Federal Government

The government often cites bureaucracy as a critical tool for maintaining uniformity in authority across all public institutions. According to Turner, the role of federal bureaucracy is to implement, administrate and regulate (296). Since the establishment of a federal government, bureaucracy has been essential in ensuring public services are delivered regularly and consistently despite changes in political actors and political visions. The degree of organization associated with bureaucracy facilitates the optimal division of labor, allocation of resources and creation of jobs for sustainable administration (Sargent). All these are the initial and theoretical foundations of federal bureaucracy. The reality is slightly different. Bureaucrats tend to have personal agendas, goals and motivations, which enables and feeds the existence of corruption in public institutions (Pepinsky et al. 258). The constitution, through Article 2, allows the president to pass executive orders that affect the functions of bureaucracies. Therefore, the president can use the various public institutions to expand and control the executive branch. In such a scenario, bureaucracies become a barrier to liberal democracy. It is often the case that bureaucratic agents become human agents for the president or control mechanisms. The trend explains why the appointment process for bureaucratic agents is a heavily politicized undertaking.

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