Film & Theater studies

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Components of a Live Performance

            Live theatre performance refers to an actual stage presentation in front of the audience. It can be a musical, a drama or a dance. Dead Wrong is a solo drama piece that describes the life of a woman who finds herself in an intricate situation after she sees the probability of having accused the wrong man for an earlier sexual assault. Dandelion Chains is a solo drama that is uniquely humorous, and it highlights the difficulty experienced by a gay couple in maintaining the custody of the girl they adopted. It also explores the determinant of the family’s togetherness and the virtues of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Both plays dispel the major components of live theatre performance including the creative and technical aspects.


The performance of Dead Wrong ends without a resolution but remains informative since it challenges the audience’s perceptions on the judicial system of the society. Its remarkable presentation of the traumatic events caused by the sexual assault could also suggest an idea to the audience such as counseling or psychiatry help. Dandelion Chains ends by prompting the audience to think about what can be termed as good parenting. It shows that a gay couple can also offer love to their adopted children in a family. Though it might spring up a lot of contradicting questions from opponents of gay marriages in the audience, it still manifests essential values that strengthen a family regardless of the parents’ sexuality.

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