Final Essay

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Final Essay





Final Essay

The differences in male and female genders are highlighted everyday in different forms and in different media. Despite the growing interest in gender equality, women are often portrayed as the weaker gender. This perception has been there since the beginning. Some of the men have taken advantage of it to exploit the women since they know they are not in a position to help themselves. Some women are guilty because they are their worst enemies, and they take advantage of other women. Such situations are highlighted in the Disney classic, Cinderella. I chose this movie because it shows the dependence that women have on men, and the fact that some women take advantage of other women’s weaknesses. The movie highlights the traditional idea that women belong in the home, and their main role in life seems to be marriage and raising a family

Cinderella is a classic tale about a young girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. She keeps to herself and she is kind to the animals she considers as vulnerable as she is. Her family mistreats her, and they often overwork and burden her. Her salvation comes after she goes to the ball organized by the king. The prince falls in love with her because of her beauty, and in the end, he rescues her from her family. This classic tale shows the weaknesses of the female gender. The women in the family have seen a person who is weaker than they are, and they end up exploiting her. Cinderella does not have any other hope of salvation, other than the prince. There is no suggestion that a woman can save her from her troubles. The girls in the village attend the ball in the hope of securing the interest and attention of the prince, which could possibly lead to marriage. This shows how the women have nothing else to live for in life, other than the idea of getting married and starting a family. The movie manages to explore the deeper issue of the alleged role of women in the society, and the necessity of men to complete their lives.

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