Posted: November 27th, 2013






            Stereotypes can be defined as popular beliefs of specific characteristics in relation to a specific group or type of individual members and usually it has an assumption that the members of the specific group or the individual members have certain similarities, which are common to all. Stereotype is usually based on assumptions, which do not have any facts; therefore, it can be said it does not have any proof. Stereotype can be either a positive or a negative feeling towards a certain specific social group.

Prejudice can be defined as a judgment, which is made prior getting any proof, and it is usually baseless and it has a negative feeling/attitude towards a certain specific group or a type of individual members. It is usually an exaggeration of the characteristics of other members of certain social groups in relation to why they are different from the members of our own specific social group. It has a negative feeling and a discriminative behavior that characterizes it, which is not based on emotions towards a certain specific social group.

Lastly, discrimination can be defined as the treatment/behavior of attacking other members of a certain group, which is usually unfair. Discrimination is usually based on the different characteristics portrayed by certain members of a specific social group. It is characterized by its prejudice behavior, which is usually negative. Additionally, discrimination usually involves emotions and actions towards other members of another specific social group based on their specific characteristics, which are different from themselves.

The three terms, stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination contain some differences, which can be clearly noted. One of the differences is that stereotypes and prejudice do not express emotions as opposed to discrimination where it expresses emotion and actions towards individual members of other specific social groups. Stereotypes and prejudice only expresses their feelings in form of comments, which distinguishes them from other social groups, but discrimination expresses both the feelings and emotions, which are then transferred into actions against other specific individual members of certain specific groups. For instance, in prejudice and stereotypes, they can say, “the Mexicans are not very clever.” In discrimination, they can attack them directly by avoiding the members of the social group (Mexicans) or vandalizing their property or other things. This can also be seen clearly in the job market where one can be employed based on the three terms.

Another difference, which can be clearly seen in the three terms, is that discrimination and prejudice are only negative towards other members of different social groups but stereotypes can be either positive or negative. For example, in prejudice and discrimination we can say that “the black people are very people” but in stereotype we can ether say that “the black people are very hardworking” or “the black folk are very poor.” The positive side is that the black people are hardworking. This shows that the positive attributes of the black people as compared to the others where they have only shown the negative side of the black people, which is they are poor and it is not always right.

Lastly, they can be differentiated from each other from the effects, which they have on the other members of the other specific social groups. Discrimination and prejudice can cause a person to have low self-esteem in relation to the comments and actions made against them. These effects can lead to somebody having rigorous changes in behavior so that he/she can be accepted in a certain social group or he can be rebellious and attack back against the comment. In the case of stereotype, the case is not the same since it is not always negative. When it is positive, a person’s self-esteem can be raised and the person can be encourage to do more than his expectations.

However, we can conclude that the three work hand in hand with one another. They both affect one another and one form can lead to the happening of the other. For example, when hiring people to lift boxes and heavy equipment in accompany the human resource manager might be stereotype and say, it is not good to hire the men who are not well built. This will lead to the decision of not hiring them, which is being prejudice and finally they will tend to avoid them in the performance of an interview, which is discrimination.

Prejudice can influence can influence the social behavior of an individual in different ways. These different social behaviors can be shown in form of an example. For example, in the in the professional job market especially in the marketing division where a accompany wants to higher women to market their products. The human resource manager does not hire those women who are fat because they will not give the company a good image or they will not be able to attract customers. One of the women, who are fat, decides to go back home and start performing several exercises so that she could reduce and become beautiful. It can be concluded that due to the prejudice by the human resource manager by not employing fat women he has affected the social behavior of the women. The woman has started to exercise and yet she did not use to exercise before therefore, her social behavior has been affected


When I am in school, I always tend to avoid joining sports clubs because I might humiliate myself in the different games despite the fact that I might be very good in them. I did not want to enroll in any sporting activity where I would be performing in front of people. On the other hand, I have always been in the forefront in making jokes to those who humiliate themselves. Only when I was sure that I am good in something that was the only time I could join any club. I have concluded that, it is the fear of humiliation that has led me not to join the sporting activities. This fear that I have been having against joining these clubs have led to me not joining this certain clubs and yet I might be very talented in one of them like cheer leading or swimming. Therefore, it has made it difficult for me to tap my other potential talents, which I might be having.


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