Food Culture

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Food Culture






Food Culture

Sydney is famous for its culinary variety and expertise. It is famous for combining commercially prepared food with fresh ingredients. Many of the world’s best chefs are said to come from Australia, and this is given by the fact that they provide the best seafood dishes. The budding food culture in Sydney is considered adventurous because of its growing preference amongst the locals and tourists, as well. Australian cuisine is currently one of the most dynamic cuisines in the world thanks to immigration and a public willing to try out new things in matters culinary. Prominent gourmands from different places around the world such as New York and Paris are known to frequent Sydney to share and learn culinary tricks. These chefs bring with them fresh ideas that the locals are starting to appreciate and like. This had enhanced the dining standards in Sydney making Australian chefs, recipe books and food writers sought after abroad (Ver et al, 2008).

The mixture of cultures in Sydney has given birth to the development of diverse food cultures in the region. There is a new frenzy in Sydney, which is Cake Wine. This notion is about pairing the best music and art pieces with wine. This innovative idea is different from the cliché perceptions where winemakers are always thinking of what foods to pair with their wines. The founders of Cake felt the need to initiate this notion into the market after looking for something different in bottle shops and not finding it. They said, “We didn’t see a wine brand that was speaking to us and the generation who are interested in what we call ‘creative culture’” (Shanti, 2012). They are using sauvignon Blanc and cabaret merlot as canvases for the imaginative works of other artists. Beci Orpin’s art work in on the white while the red has Kill Pixie’s work. These are all ways aimed at improving their love for creativity and culture using wine.

Wine enthusiasts are thus encouraged to partake in wine tasting events and functions but not to develop into connoisseurs. Taking Cake is an establishment of oneself as a lover of culture, music, art and food. Sydneysiders who have embraced this new form of drinking, have shown appreciation for innovative ideas in linking drinks and culture instead of the usual food and cultures to which they are used. Wine enthusiasts from all over the world have traveled to Sydney to sample this new phenomenon, and the results of these experiences have been impressive. It is said that taking Cake attaches an individual to Sydney music and street art. However, this idea came about after extensive traveling to carry out research in the whole of Australia about wines, before they settled on the two wines with which to work.

The story behind the selected wines is purely because they were found in the oldest winery in Adelaide Hills. Cake wines are not too strong and lack opinions. Cake drinkers appreciate the lightness of the wines and the fact that they are light and easy to drink. They are wines that are bought and enjoyed without second thoughts. These wines are considered ideal for after-work relaxation periods and weekend getaways. Cake drinkers are also associated with their affection for creativity and freedom; they are a new generation of drinkers who do not give in to making compromises in life. Cake creators like to call their customers as people who “want their cake and eat it too” (Shanti, 2012). This means that they are adventurous and open to new cultural ideas.

Cake can be found in around Sydney in 60 stockists and is sold at music festivals, galleries and cinemas. This is because most of its clientele is music and art lovers from Sydney and the world over. There are plans to engage new wines into the Cake business in the near future, namely pinot noir and pinot grigio. These wines will also be adorned with labels by a fresh breed of artists. One of the fastest selling Cake wines is the Layer Cake Shiraz. It is known for its exotic taste at the nose with hints of mint, dark chocolate, eucalyptus and mulberry. Customers notice on their palates the slight notes of dark chocolate, oak and black currant. It has been to have a slight touch of bitter tannin on the finish, making it a favorite of many.

The Sauvignon Blanc is well balanced with stinging natural acidity leaving a mouthwateringly crisp finish. It is also made with hints of citrus and bright tropical notes and an allure of passion fruit. The pinot noir is expected to have a clean, delicate taste of cherry juice, blueberry fruits and plum flavors. The pinot grigio will possess precision in acidity leaving a crisp finish just like the Sauvignon Blanc. Sydneysiders are increasingly embracing the new culture that is Cake wines, and this has boosted their economic and social lives, as more tourists flock the region to have a taste of this innovative sensation. As the rest of the world embraces food cultures, Australia leads in this venture as it continues to celebrate biodiversity in its culinary cultures and its growing popularity in some of the world’s most legendary destinations.

Customer experiences associated with Cake are linked to the love of creativity in culture and giving back to the community. Twenty-five cents from every bottle purchased go to FBI Radio, a community radio station. Cake also has connections with Inertia, a music label that provides appropriate soundtracks and ‘limited-edition vinyls’ to Cake-drinkers (Shanti, 2012). The Cake team supports drinkers of wine and artists of different calibers through their wine and promotional events. The main aim of the Cake team is not to contemporize the bottle labels but rather to contribute to the culture. In their words, the Cake team says, “we want to be different, we want to give back and support the culture that we love, this goes well beyond putting a pretty piece of art on your label” (Shanti, 2012).




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