Foundation Course Evaluation

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Foundation Course Evaluation

When joining this program most of the students have just but a vague idea of what entails the entire program. What I am proud of regarding my academic performance is that our paths have now been laid out clearly for us. The professors have enables us to understand the practical relevance of this course. This means that the course provides important information for the students well in time to deliberate on whether to continue with this career or to quit. I am now proud that I have chosen an excellent career that will greatly assist me in accomplishing my goals and purpose in life.

I believe that this institution is one of the best colleges in Canada and by this merit, has the best program in bettering my education. I also consider the school quite capable in aiding me in its programs due to its method of handing out course outlines and other material thus helping me plan my semester in advance. In this way, the students can do additional research and at times acquaint themselves with some of the topics before they are mentioned in class. This will even give the lecturers an even easier time in explaining the contents in the topics. This I believe will work a lot in improving not only mine, but the academic performance of all the students.

In particular, the lecture that mostly sticks into my mind the one on foundation in Community and Child Studies 1-CCSF-101 by professor Sama Bassidj. I enjoy taking the lectures. I guess it is mainly because during the class, we are educated on crucial life’s lessons. The lecturer enables one to achieve self-realization by being aware what one’s strengths, values, weaknesses and talents. By becoming aware of this, the students can now know what to change in their life and what to concentrate on in order to literary make the best of their lives. This is primarily why we refer to the class as the, “life class”. In the end, the lecture develops confidence in the students both psychologically and philosophically.

One of the most difficult subjects is psychology taught by Professor Sherry-Ann Mohammed-Gibbes. However, it neither because the subject is not well nor is it that the institution is under equipped. The reason that I find this subject difficult and frustrating is that I do not have any prior knowledge or experience on the subject since I have never learnt it before. However, the lecturer has been doing an impressive job in carefully going though the contents and the concepts. I now consider myself confident on psychology and can perform exemplary well on the subject.

If my friends in the program were to speak in one hundred percent honesty, I believe that they would advice that if one is not interest in fieldwork and especially working with kids, this is then not the program for that individual. This is because most of them now understand that in order to succeed in the career, passion plays a very significant role and could end up determining whether one will graduate with distinction or an average score. Another advice is that lectures are not to be relied upon since the lecturers tends to provide only a skeleton of what the student is supposed to learn. This means that one needs additional material and constantly visiting the library to fill the skeleton provided by the lecturers with the necessary meat. This is a requisite of any institution that is worth its salt. Spoon-feeding the student with information will only impart them with theoretical knowledge leaving out the necessary practical knowledge.

What I would advice my friends is that the program is very essential as it provides the student with the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully pursue a diploma of choice in the community and child services department in the crown college. The program also goes to the limits of imparting the learner with relevant skills and knowledge that if unsuccessful to pursue the diploma at the Crown College, one may still be able to find a job as a social worker and still work competently.

The professors have greatly supported my journey in the foundation program through various capacities. One is that as an international student, my English is not very good. However, the English lecturer, Wendy Chan, has assisted me efficiently and effectively in improving my diction and pronunciations in the English language. Her exemplary skills have further facilitated my learning in all the other subjects and I can now manage to express myself freely and comprehensively in the examination papers.

In addition, the class on foundation in Community and Child Studies has further enabled me for identify my values and character and the same can be translated to the society at large. This is very important as one is able to understand his weaknesses and strengths in order to competitively be aware of what one can comfortable excel at. The video tools provided by Professor Cindy Brandon have also facilitated a lot in making learning of Student Success and Interpersonal Skills a great experience. Although the subject is considered as one of the competitive ones, the video tools highly facilitate learning and make them a great experience.

The additional supports that could be provided by the professors include the use of video tools like the one of Professor Cindy Brandon. The incorporation of these tools in all the other subjects would help a lot in enabling the students to understand the concepts. There are those students who capture images easily as opposed to words. The use of the video tools would mean that these students are not left at a loss.

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