Framework and production values

Posted: September 5th, 2013





Framework and production values

            Framework is the foundation or baseline of a piece of work, object or structure. Production value entails sound, lighting, props and scenery. Framework and production values enhance the qualities of a film or play. A common way of applying production values is students setting a stage for a play. Students use costumes, props and other production values. The framework and production of a play aims at exhibiting reality. The costumes, props and actions play a big role in showing realism. The stage is set to have the relevant scenery for the play’s themes (Van, 45).

A film’s framework is the basis for a quality film. Therefore, it has to be laid out appropriately for successful filming. The framework includes the introduction of the film, plot, genre and conclusion. An example of a film is Nikita, which is a contemporary film with quality framework and production values. The title of the film is a name of the main character that is antagonistic. She is not sure about her origin but caught in a situation where she has to be an assassin to survive. She decides to reform and dismantle the secret government unit, which trained her. Her mission is joined by other members who agree with her idea of dismantling the unit.

The introduction portrays a captivating presentation. The production values look appealing to the audience giving them interest to watch the whole film. The premise of the film is thrilling and logical (Silverblatt, 208). The premise of the film collaborates with the messages conveyed in the film. The plot is well organized and it is made of events aiming at achieving the theme of the film. For instance, the story line is to destroy an evil and secret unit of the government. The significant events of the film are based at bringing down the unit.

The film triggers certain feeling in the events. Some characters who portray disloyalty or betrayal. The film portrays some malpractices done by the real life government. Such scenes trigger anger to the audience since they understand they are portraying bad behavior of real government leaders. The film is successful in triggering emotions to the audience. The audience response is paying more attention and some tend to give comment about such scenes. All the significant scenes are related since they have a common achievement (Leonard, 12). They are all involved in showing the characters’ efforts of destroying the evil unit.

The characters in the film play a big role in developing the themes and other effects. The characters are related according to their roles. The group fighting evil is related by having a common goal of bringing down the unit. The other group intends to protect the existence of the evil government unit. These two groups compete with each other and it makes the film unpredictable. The actions of the characters are enhanced by the production values. The film has quality sound and soundtracks, which correspond with the events. The lighting has been customized according to the event (Mintz & Randy, 100). All the sceneries look realistic to the plot of the film. For instance, the physical location of the unit resembles real government offices. It has high technological equipment and secure location.

Presentations with good framework and quality production values are characterized with costly production budgets. One illustration of such a film is Abduction. The title refers to the efforts made to abduct the main character. He is a young male adult called Nathan. The genre of the film is categorized as a contemporary action film (Silverblatt, 209). Nathan realizes some strangers are looking for him. His biological father is carrying information, which the strangers need. The strangers intend to abduct Nathan and use him as bait to lure his father out. Their efforts are rendered useless after the classified information is delivered to the government. They are all killed in the struggle to retrieve the information.

The introduction of the film starts with a group of young people having a party. The main character is among them but his foster parents are not aware of his whereabouts. His biological father had to give him up for adoption after his mother was killed. The father works for the CIA and has to live a confidential life. This is why Nathan lived with foster parents, who also protected him from enemies. The introduction gives the audience a basis of the films story line. The premise of the film is logical and has an impact on the messages in the film. The thought and ideas are logical and they follow each other chronologically (Silverblatt, 208).

The plot contains a series of events, which develop the theme of the film. The significant events entail the main character fighting for survival. The information, which was held by Nathan, was classified and only specific government personnel should access it. The event where it was secured by the government was also a significant scene. The film is characterized by quality lighting, audible sounds, relevant scenes and appealing décor. All these production values and framework contributes to the success of producing the film (Robert, 75).

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