Frederick taylor

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Frederick Taylor


            Schermerhorn et al described Fredrick W Taylor as the father of scientific management. Taylor introduced the scientific management approach, which focuses on maximum productivity. Managers refer to this theory today in order to help them in the management process. This theory has proved to be effective since the mangers that refer to it have always succeeded in their management practices. Before the introduction of this theory, the businesses did not experience the great productivity being experienced in the businesses today. This is because the employees feared losing their jobs. They felt that increased productivity would make some of them lose their jobs. However, with the introduction of this theory, the problem of low productivity has ended. Fredrick W Taylor, therefore, introduces the scientific theory that contributes to the management thought and practice in many ways. This contribution also relates to the management thought and practice. Today, the managers find this theory relevant to their management practices.



Frederick Taylor’s scientific management theory is therefore essential and materially contributes to maximum productivity. He contributes to the classical approaches of management both in thought and practically. This confirms that he is indeed the father of scientific management. This is because this theory proves to be effective. The organizations that incorporate this theory enjoy maximum profits since they ensure their employees are well trained. They also ensure to implement goals in their organizations. This enables employees to work towards these goals. The scientific theory is therefore the theory practiced by most of the organizations due to its great guidance (Jones, 2011).

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