Free Speech

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Free Speech

Free speech involves the liberty given to anyone in speaking without being constrained or limited by any authoritative body. The liberty given involves any activity of obtaining, acquiring and distributing information despite the medium being used. In reality, this concept of freedom is not qualified in any state (Shields, 11). This is because there are certain restrictions that are considered based on aspects of obscenity, bribery and insults among others. However, the internet is an extraordinary information source because it is mostly where unrestricted free speech exists.

The internet is known for being the most widespread public sphere in which any individual is free to express and share their views. This medium of accessing and sharing information is spectacular because it is impossible for it to be controlled by any restraining policies or standards. The structure of the internet application makes it difficult or impossible to obstruct entirely due to the access to information, except in controlled situations. The controlled situation is whereby the settings of the internet can be manipulated through obstructing access to a particular website or page.

However, if one believes in the development of civilization to rely on the freedom of expressing fresh and unique concepts, freedom of speech is considered significant in the society. People who have encountered more experiences of using the internet appear to have a strong sense of belief in the importance of enabling freedom speech (Fielden, 54). This is because the benefits they have gained from those experiences drive them to prove this significance. Aside from providing global access to free speech, the internet also encourages the concept revolving the freedom of speech.

Based on this fact, the internet appears to be promoting the value of honesty because genuine decisions are made best when in a free atmosphere of exchanging information. However, the free speech availability could endanger the morals established in a particular society. The information that is being accessed could have content that degrades the moral values instilled in individuals. For example, the internet could contain information such as pornographic content  and abhorrent speech that could pollute the minds of children who are not old enough to understand the concepts of immorality (Fielden, 54).

Free speech could also contribute to political instability, whereby offensive information is sent between countries. For example, terrorist groups may use the medium for sending threatening information to a particular country and hence, might result to political tension between the involved countries. However, free speech on the internet can be beneficial or positively influential when it involves sharing the appropriate content of information. For example, various businesses, institutions and organizations benefit tremendously because they are able to share information that gives them ideas on how to succeed in their operations (Zuchora-Walske, 35)..

In addition, various scholars from educational institutions have the opportunity to share information concerning several areas of study. They are able to exchange ideas and assist one another in understanding the complex subjects including Sciences. Free speech on the internet should therefore not be considered as an issue as long as the access of the content involved is controlled in a manner that ensures the society does not lose its integrity.

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