Future Plan and Scholarship Interests

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Future Plan and Scholarship Interests

I am fascinated by the chaos that exists in a construction site. This particular chaos inspires me to come up with measures that are aimed at creating order in the site. I have possessed this unique trait from childhood. I tend to be a problem solver and an individual who enjoys multitasking. For these particular reasons, I aspire to be a Construction Manager. The entire process of handling a construction project creates a vivid picture of success in my mind. This is because I know that I have what it takes to effectively plan, coordinate and budget for a project that entirely deals with construction. This has directed my education path to focus on the field of Construction Management.

I am aware of the cost implications that arise with pursuing a degree course in Construction Management. Unfortunately, I am not able to fund my education pursuit in this particular field. This will however not be a hindrance to realizing my dream of becoming a Construction Manager. For this reason, I am also interested in the scholarship offered by Construction Management Association of America. I believe that this financial aid will act as a bridge to the achievements of my dreams. The scholarship will allow me to gain the adequate knowledge needed for me to become a competent Construction Manager.

I believe that I am the best person to receive this scholarship. I understand that CMMA introduced the scholarships to enable deserving students to pursue their dream careers in the field of Construction Management. Apart from this, one of the company’s qualifying criteria is that the scholarship recipient must show the potential of becoming a successful practitioner in the field. I believe that I have the qualities that successful Construction Managers should have. The first of these qualities is that I am a multitasker. A construction Manager has a wide job description. The roles of a Construction Manager includes acquiring the land for construction, hiring the required labor, obtaining the necessary permits and keeping a report of the construction’s process. The multiplicity of these duties requires an individual who can multitask. I am able to work on different activities while apportioning time and attention appropriately in accordance to the needs of the activities.

I am also a problem solver. Problems always provide opportunities for me to be innovative and creative. They challenge me to come up with solutions for the problems. When faced with a challenge, most of the times I usually try to be calm. This allows me to analyze the particular problem carefully. The effect of this careful analysis is that I am able to come up with apt solutions. The construction site is usually faced with a diversity of challenges and this trait will help me to manage them effectively.

My passion in the field of Construction Management is what drives my pursuit for the scholarship that the Construction Management Association of America is offering. This scholarship will act as a stepping-stone towards becoming a Construction Manager. The success of my plans of becoming an exceptional Construction Manager is dependent on the kind of education and skill that I acquire. This implies that my energy should be focused on ensuring that I receive efficient education in the field. The scholarship will be a way of ensuring that I acquire this education.

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