Games and Simulations WebQuest

Posted: August 13th, 2013

Games and Simulations to Promote Learning




Games and Simulations to Promote Learning

Games and simulations WebQuest

            The use of games and simulations to promote learning is a new practice that is gaining popularity among many employers. Many people view games as things reserved for fun or children, and not education. Games and simulations provide an environment through which learners can work as a group. It, therefore, enhances the collaborative ability of learners. According to Oblinger (2006), professionals develop their skills and values by taking part in educative games. Oblinger states that educative games act as arenas for research, problem solving, transfer of information and information gathering. Games that involve multiple players enable learners to interact and gain information from simulated actors. This improves their knowledge and skills and boosts their interaction levels. Simulations are engaging and enable learners to work with material that might not be available in real life. Such games enable the learners to correct errors and develop their knowledge (CITE, n.d.)

Learner Control

            Effective feedback is considered as one of the most important factors that facilitate the learning process. Informative feedback from the instructor provides the student with information on their performance as far as the learning process is concerned and hence gives them the motivation to do better. According to Brookhart (2008), learners who know their position in the learning process believe they are in control of their own learning and hence are more motivated. Feedback is crucial in JIT. Effective feedback should be concise and precise. The student should not encounter any difficulty in understanding and interpreting the information. While referring to the manner and content of feedback, Brookhart says, “The nature of the feedback and context in which it is given matter a great deal” (Brookhart, 2008). Instructors can adopt feedback measures that enable learners to identify their strong points, the areas that need strengthening and ways through which they can strengthen their performance.

Evaluating JIT Training

            The app mock up does not contain any areas where learners are required to participate. The lack of participation by learners will make the whole learning process boring. There should be parts of the app where learners are required to move things or take control. For example, the app should provide simulations where the learner presses a button to add a shot of espresso or two to the cup.

The app mock up is more of an instructional toolkit than a simulation learning aid. Learners are taken through a series of instructions that they must follow to complete the task. The app should provide more characters than written instructions to incorporate some fun and make the session different from normal classroom learning sessions.

Their choice of the cow in the app as the main simulated character is unrealistic. It is extremely difficult to strike a connection with the learners. The cow is also a very rigid character in the app and does not show a lot of action. There should be another character like a hare or a rabbit in human clothes or company uniform. Such a character will strike a connection with the learners.

The app lacks animation. There is too much instruction in the app but little demonstration. The cow, for example, is the same cow one encounters as they begin using the app and remains static to the end. There should be some animation in the app. The espresso-making machine should demonstrate the process.

The app will not be effective in assisting learners to demonstrate what they have learnt since the flow of information is one-way. There is a need to include sections where the learner is asked to input some information to see how they are advancing with the learning. This will aid in the learning process.



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