Globalization of Basketball

Posted: November 29th, 2013

Globalization of Basketball






Globalization of Basketball

2. Assume you are an advisor to SMCMG. What do you see as the best business opportunities for SMCMG.

Globalization of basketball as a sport can assume various perspectives such as financial and cultural. In essence, basketball is claimed as part of the American culture as it was first introduced in the United States and assumed a cultural and racial position. Research from the Federation of International Basketball (FIBA) as at the year 2003 indicates that approximate 450million individuals engaged in the sport within that period. This in comparison to figures in the year 1991 from the same organization indicates that an approximately 350 million individuals engaged in the sport. Hence, in a span of 12 years the organization has grown by over 100 million individuals, which could be translated to as 833,000 individuals introduced to the sport each year (Wachtel, 2009). Such large numbers pose a large potential market for the organization it is area of operation.

SMCMG would collaborate with the best teams in order to ensure that it has benefited in terms of the relationship with the partner team. In addition, the company could also assume a unilateral approach by handpicking the best individuals for partnership in the leagues and national level basketball. The newfound dominance of the sport was an indication of the newfound worldwide acceptance of the sport by people all over the world. Growing the sport could be done so through extensive and quality marketing. This involves assumption of a specific perspective on which to concentrate the resources and strength for marketing an attracting people to take up the sport for leisure and income purposes. The growth of basketball is more of a business opportunity to the various entities in search of partnerships with teams and sportsmen (Wachtel, 2009).
4. Assume you are in charge of the NBA’s globalization initiatives. What are the three most important initiatives? Explain your answer.

SMCMG could use mainstream media to reach majority of people who could be potential players or enthusiasts of the sport. In addition, sponsoring the best potential players who do not have access to opportunities to play for great teams or their countries would accrue numerous benefits to the organization due to the association of talent with quality. This would ensure that the organization would have a good and high image among the people. In addition, other talented individuals would also want such involvements with the organization in order to gain the benefits associated with such collaboration. This would ensure growth of talent and the sport

As evidenced by the previous successes of the sport in the early 1990’s the sport thrived on the presence of competition and perceived rivalries between the various teams and specifically the talented players in a bid to attract people to the gaming venues (Andrews, et al., 2006). Such led to a lot of publicizing of the sport leading to a lot of attention for the sport and its players. SMCMG could market the sport as well as itself through incentives to potential players of the sport. This could be mainly in institutions

The road to further growth of the sport on global perspective could be achieved by various means. The main aim is to ensure that the sport does not assume a racial, nationality or ethnic perspective. This might lead to seclusion of good and talented players. Marketing is also another important initiative that could ensure actual globalization of the sport. Good marketing entails attaining an all round and familiar aspect, which is cultivated on to attract individuals. Such could use basketball campaigns and training to get the best players for the sport and they should be later sponsored (Andrews, et al., 2006). In addition, the main perspective is the use of talented basketball individuals for the various countries or regions. The aim is to ensure that all regions, which are targeted, are able to feel as included by the sport. In addition, it becomes relatively easy for population to relate the sport with their adored individual.

In conclusion, marketing and partnerships are aimed at ensuring that the organization accrues benefits such as financial. In addition, for growth of the sport, mainstream media would ensure a steady growth in the numbers of people who have adopted the sport on an annual basis.


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