Government and Politics

Posted: September 4th, 2013





Government and Politics

Question one


• He might win the election and become President of the United States.

• He possesses good oratory and social skills.

• He had a popular reform agenda among the average American people

• Received support from people across all divides.


• He did not have personal resources to fund the campaigns.

• He was not popular in some regions around United States.

I think Obama decided to run because he would remain in history as the first black president. In addition, he wanted to make changes to the American system of governance.

Part 2

Ensure all the caucuses have their views listened to and evaluated for inclusion into the policies that the campaign seeks to make in terms of governance. A win in the Iowa caucuses is usually a reflection as to whether a candidate is likely to win in the presidential elections.

Part 3

Super Tuesday was the day when all parties held primary elections to choose their presidential candidates. Senator Barrack Obama of Chicago Illinois claimed to have thirteen delegates at 847 delegates more than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the other hand, had 834 delegates at the close of the primaries. The 2008 was the most publicized election in the history of America because Obama received the most votes at 69,456,897in the American history. The new leader would take charge of an economy, which was experiencing an economic crisis. Obama was the first black American with a chance of becoming president in the American history.

Part 4

A battleground state is one, which the vote is likely to go either ways, to the democrats or the republicans. Obama targeted the battle states because there was a likelihood of winning in theses states or losing; hence he did everything to win in the respective battleground states, which enabled him to attain office. Obama and his immediate rival had contrasting views on taxation of people. Obama wanted to increase taxes on wealthy Americans whereas McCain wanted to reduce taxes levied on the wealthiest Americans. Obama’s strategy was to change the governance of America on a platform of change, which enabled him to capture the seat because people wanted to get a break with the past.

Part 5

An effective campaign commercial should have the ability of capturing all age groups as well as move across divides such as class, race, religion, party and ideologies. It should bring as many people on board as possible. Public and media scrutiny ensures that candidates are truthful about their agenda and policies which they intend to enact which must resonate with their campaign messages. However, the candidates entice voters by focusing more on the needs of the voters and telling them that they will give priority to such needs. I happened to view the Barrack Obama commercials online whereby he sought for votes; he was coherent and straight to the point, which is a show of good social skills.

Part 6

Barrack Obama did not have adequate personal finances to fund his elections. However, he was funded entirely by well-wishers while others acted as volunteers in his campaign. McCain, on the other hand, depended on the public financing system, to support his campaign bid. He was the first candidate to use funds from the presidential election campaign fund checkoff. Barrack Obama received huge sums of money from Public Action Committees (PAC’s) of numerous institutions and other government agencies within United States. In addition, he also received funds from lobbyists alike in the campaign efforts in enticing voters to join the campaign efforts. In addition, they also played a significant role in having people donate funds for this noble cause.







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