Green Tea

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Green tea


Green tea is tea made from camellia sinensis leaves only. It is processed through minimal oxidation through a process called steeping. Steeping is brewing the tea in hot water at the recommended temperature that is between eighty-one degrees centigrade’s and eighty-seven degrees centigrade’s for hot temperatures, and between sixty-one degrees centigrade’s and sixty-nine degrees centigrade’s for cool temperatures. Green tea originates from China, which is traceable four thousand years back. However, green tea has spread throughout Asia and in the western countries. There are different varieties of green tea from China and Japan. They have health benefits and side effects if taken in excess.

Body 1: varieties of green tea

China is the leading country in the world in production of green tea, with the most

varieties of green tea found there. These varieties include Junshan yinzhen, which means silver needle tea, Longjing, the most famous Chinese tea and it means dragon well, rain flower, jasmine, dragon mountain, green top, gun powder, green snail spring, tongue of the golden altar sparrow, jade sword, green tip, precious eyebrows, cloud and mist, monkey tea, melon seed and fire green. Japanese green tea includes jade dew, covered tea, decocted tea, long steamed green tea, coarse tea, pan-fried tea, stalk tea, matcha used in ice cream, brown rice tea and buds and tips tea. Japanese’s tea has found its uses in making drinks, ice cream flavors, noodles, and snacks among other products. The sweetest variety of green tea is marcha.

Body 2: green tea benefits

The benefits of green tea include losing weight because it is thought to boost metabolism in the body that helps burn fat. Other benefits are that it treats headaches, depression, stomach disorders and vomiting. It has been used by Chinese people since four thousands years ago to treat most ailments. Scientist thinks that green tea, which is processed using unfermented leaves, contains a high concentration of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Antioxidants destroy free radicals in the body by damaging the compounds responsible for altering the cells in the body’s DNA. These antioxidants are believed to kill these cells (University of Maryland medical centre, 2011). These free radicals are believed to cause cancer through abnormal growth of cells hence cancer can be treated through green tea that contains antioxidant that kills this compound that causes alteration in the cells DNA. Green tea is also used to improve mental disorders and it enhances thinking. In addition, when it is combined with other medicinal herbs it is used to reduce postmenopausal symptoms.

Body 3: side effects of green tea

The side effect of green tea are, when taken in a large amount by pregnant women it can cause neural birth defect in children because the caffeine, catechins and tannic acids in the tea penetrates the placenta reaching the baby (Amazing green tea, 2011). Steeping green tea in hot water causes stomach upset because green tea stimulates gastric acid in the stomach especially if a person has a sensitive stomach. Drinking too much green tea that exceeds six cups of tea a day may result in symptoms caused by caffeine. These symptoms include restlessness, irritability, tremor, frequent urination, difficulty in sleeping, heart palpitations that caused increased heart rate and blood pressure.


            Green tea originated from china over four thousand s years ago. China is the leading country in production of green tea. China grows different varieties of green tea and is the leading producer of the many varieties found in the market. Japans green tea is used in manufacturing of products like ice cream, noodles and other products. Green tea has several benefits when consumed like weight loss, prevention of diseases among other benefits. It has its side effect that result from excessive consumption in pregnancy due to the caffeine. This causes stomach upset, insomnia and heart problems.


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