Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Posted: August 5th, 2013


            The Greenhouse effect refers to the climatic condition that causes depletion of the ozone layer due to overproduction of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The sun radiates heat energy to the earth. The electromagnetic radiation contains light, ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) rays. According to Spencer, (6 June 2012), due to its short wavelength, heat energy from the sun penetrates through the atmosphere of the earth and the earth’s surface takes it in but releases it back as Infrared radiation. Some of the released radiation goes back into space. However, Carbon dioxide, methane and water in the atmosphere absorb some of the released Infrared radiation sending it to the surface of the earth causing the greenhouse effect. A lot of carbon dioxide is emitted from many industries increasing its production in the atmosphere hence, propagating the greenhouse effect. Human beings can withstand the natural greenhouse effect. Conversely, deforestation and burning of fossil fuels worsen the natural greenhouse effect, resulting to global warming



            Concisely, global warming is on a worldwide scale and it causes the imbalance in climate and ecosystems. Despite the industrial development, which boosts the economies of different countries in the globe, global warming will pull them ten steps back if the alternative solutions are not executed. The use of only one alternative solution will not be enough to realize a major positive impact therefore; combining all three alternatives will strengthen the outcome (Johansen, 2008). This will be the most extensive adaptation option to mitigate global warming. If individuals take responsibility to promote energy saving appliances and industries specialize on renewable resources and scrubbers, greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere will be minimized and global climate system will be stabilized.


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