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Philo 110 Midterm

Hardwig (pg95)

“The individualistic Fantasy, though occasionally liberating, is destructive.” From this quote, Hardwig is implying that fancy living as an individual separated or distanced away from other people where one’s choices do not have any effect on others is damaging as well as unhealthy, which is a way of blocking out death. In this, Hardwig argues that one should regard him r herself as having a duty to die, which can help one in understanding as well as accepting death as part of life. from this, I understand that living as an individual one is left to deal with their problems without others. This can equate to withdrawing from social activities, which is dangerous. Towards the end, one realizes they have hardly done anything in life and find it hard to accept death. Additionally, living in close relationship helps one in dealing with hard issues, through helping each other one understand that death comes to all. This is because human being are social, and trying to stay away from it life loses meaning. Without a meaning in life, one cannot understand or accept death.

Hursthouse (pg 131)

“So, for example, I have claimed that some abortions, done for certain reasons, would be callous or light-minded; that others might indicate an appropriate modesty or humility.” In this quite, Hursthouse is claiming that not all abortions are wrong or insensitive to the fetus. In some cases, it could be done on moral reasoning, where it is for the better. She argues that the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy if it risks her life is worth. When a pregnancy is deemed to affect the life of the mother, it will also affect the fetus once it is born. If a woman does not want to have a baby, she will not want to take care of it, and might end up neglecting the child. This could damage the life of the child. Thus, when a woman is not ready to become a mother, she should have the right to abort.

Engel (pg 149)

“Animal agriculture is also extremely nutrient inefficient.” In this statement, Angel’s point of view is that meat or animal products are not an essential part of our diet, as many people believe it to be a healthy part of our diet. Angel’s argument though not based on the wrongness of speciesism, it holds that the wrongness of eating meat is based on the beliefs people have. Thus, the more preconceived ideas one has concerning eating of meat, the more one is likely to remain committed to eating meat. However, I tend to disagree, especially when she says, “all our beliefs implicate eating meat is morally wrong.” I totally disagree with this argument considering that not all people believe the same. For instance, Christians do believe that eating meat is not wrong. Additionally, on the point of their inefficiency as nutrients, plants as well do not have all the nutrients. Thus, all foods are meant to supplement the body with each providing unique nutrients.


“In the part which merely concerns him; his independence is, of right; absolute over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” The point of view made by Mills is that a human being is supposed to rule his own life and do whatever he pleases, except when he harms others. This acts further as the justification for restriction of liberty from people where it is supposed to be for preventing harm to other people. I feel that is quite true since every human being created with a free will. This gives one the ability to act the way they want, whether for their own interests or for others. Additionally, all human beings are born the same way and none is supposed to be superior to others in terms of rights to life. thus, people should be free to rule and live their life they way they please. After all, we are only answerable to ourselves. However, one should remember that others have the same right as well and should not bring harm to them.

Corvine (pg 207)

“In sum, there is nothing inherently risky about sex between persons of the same gender.” Here, Corvino is stating that there is no difference between heterosexual and homosexual. In other words, if there is not inherent harm in heterosexual sex, neither is there with homosexual sex. I agree with him since all human beings as long s it is out of their own free one has a right to love those who love them back. Additionally, sex is supposed to be enjoyable. If one enjoys it with the same gender, they should be free to do it as long as both are happy.

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