Posted: November 27th, 2013






            The article, “Obesity epidemic threatens to bankrupt the U.S. economy and threatens financial stability of the world,” by Mike Adams, mainly talks about how obesity, if not checked well it would become a global epidemic not only to the United States Government but also to the whole world. The article states that one hundred and twenty seven million adults in America are considered overweight and sixty million adults are considered clinically obese (Adams, 2004). According to the article, obesity causes some of the chronic diseases, which amount to huge medical costs. The costs, which are associated with obesity, revolve around the costs of treatment in treating diseases, which are affected by obesity. However, the author of the article has said that the only way to reduce these costs is through prevention and it is the only cheapest way.

According to the website, the source is a very credible source because most of its information comes from the World Health Organization (WHO), an international organization that deals with health matters, which is recognized by the whole world. The information provided by the organization is very credible because before it is presented to the general public it must first pass several qualified scholars who counter check the information thoroughly to produce a true meaning to the public (Adams, 2004). The information in the article is a research that was done in the US and the financial statements of the health department in the US. These are actual figures, which are represented in the article. Therefore, the article is very credible with the information it is presenting.

The title of the article talks about obesity and how it is almost going to bankrupt the health economy of the article. The person who is conducting the research study is the health ranger editor of the natural news. The research study group is the whole population of United States therefore; it gives a true representation of the information in which the research is about (Adams, 2004). The article is being funded by the natural news and the information is obtained from both the health department of the US and the World Health Organization. The researcher is looking for the possible solution to obesity and he is trying to educate the people on how obesity is very costly to them. The above information can affect the study where if it is not funded well or the person conducting the study is not qualified the research might not be credible. However, it was well funded and the researcher is qualified therefore, it is credible.

I chose this article because very many people are becoming obese including my own brother. It has led to him being surgically operated. I believe that the research has given the best outcome of the results because it has been able to tackle the reason on why obesity is making the health department bankrupt. Many people in the US are becoming overweight, which is leading to obesity. Moreover, this has led to them being diagnosed with chronic diseases, which have led to huge amounts of costs due to the medical bills. However, the medical bills are paid using the taxpayers’ money despite some of the amount of money being paid by the private insurance companies (Adams, 2004). I believe that the information, which has been provided by the research, is very valid because it has been obtained from the actual figures of the government and the World Health Organization. For this reason, I believe that if the problem is not efficiently checked it will lead to a natural disaster or a catastrophe.

In conclusion, the value of the study is very credible because of the web source in which it has been obtained. Additionally, the researcher is a very educated person who is qualified to give the necessary outcomes. Moreover, I believe that the study is very valuable because it has talked about how obesity affects the costs and how it can be prevented to reduce the different costs, which might result to bankruptcy.


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