Healthy weight in the workplace

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Healthy weight in the workplace

Dear Editor,

The health of an individual is of great concern to the individual because it influences his productivity in the workplace. A healthy worker is able to execute tasks with relative ease because he or she is productive. However, for a worker who lacks good health, he or she is bound to be unproductive because the productive aspect is hindered by the health issues emanating due to the poor health.

I agree with the editor on the points brought forth in the writing on the effects of stress on the health of an individual and more so in the performance and execution of tasks entailed in the job description of an employee. Stress in the work place has detrimental effects as it lowers both the efficiency in execution of tasks by an individual and the overall performance. With the presence of stress in the work place, an employee is distracted from his or her duties leading to loss in terms of person-hours by the employer.

Managers are also employees of an entity hence they are also prone to experiencing stress. Managers have job descriptions, which are demanding in nature, thus when a manger is under stress he or she will in turn affect the running of the entity. It is vital for the organization to ensure that managers as well as other employees have good working conditions for maximum efficiency and output in the work place.

Moreover, it is equally true to state that stress has an impact on the personal life of any employee. An employee might experience sexual difficulties, which are because of mental problems from stressful lifestyles. He or he might also experience sleeping disorders, eating disorders all of which are associated with mental issues emanating form stress. However, you failed to include the aspect of adequate rest to mange stress by the employees. Companies should be put to task to ensure that employees are availed adequate days to rest. Rest is good for relaxing the body muscles and more so for the mind.

Stress can also be managed by conversing with friends, colleagues or family. This relives anger and tension accumulated from stressful activities. Diets of employees in the work place and at their residences also add to the presence of stress. Meals by the company should be both adequate and healthy. The food consumed might have effects on the health of an employee hence one is not able to concentrate with the assigned duties and tasks. This can be countered by the company by providing the employees with healthy food. In addition, the employer can urge the employees to consume healthy food in the individual times.

I think that in a company there should not be an aspect of overburdening individuals with tasks such that one is presented with a large workload. Hence, a company should employ adequate staff to handle work in a reasonable manner. I agree that any entity has legal as well as ethical obligations in alleviation of stress by provision of proper working environments. This can be enhanced by provision of basic amenities, which are vital in any work place. In addition, good management also ensures that the employee needs are met to ensure that the company is able to meet its targets because employees drive the entity in provision of goods and services.

Stressed out employee

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