Hilton Hotel wordwide overview

Posted: August 12th, 2013

Hilton Hotel Worldwide Review




Hilton Hotel Worldwide Review

            Hilton Hotels and resorts is a large and prominent group of famous hotel chains with branches all over the world. The parent company is called the Hilton Worldwide. Conrad Hilton founded the business in 1919. The first hotel he established was the Mobley in Texas. The chain boasts of several luxurious hotels and resorts. The standing of the corporation as at 2012 was about 3900 hotels having over 642, 000 rooms in total. These hotels are located in 91 countries over six continents in the world. A private firm, Blackstone Group, owns Hilton Worldwide. The headquarters of Hilton Worldwide are in Virginia where they relocated in 2009 from Texas their initial locality. The location of these hotels varies since some are located in major cities while others are vacation resorts set away from the busy city centers

This business venture was ranked as one of the largest private organizations in the United States. The business has forged alliances and partnerships with several airline companies and vehicle rental companies. This has been done in order to increase their customer base and the comfort of the customers. The company expanded steadily from its inception to this present day. The main reason for its triumph is the good planning on the part of the management. The quality of service that they offered to their members is another reason for their success in the hospitality industry. A good work environment for their employees is also another reason why the Hilton group is thriving. Hilton Hotels offer services that are equaled only to a handful of other companies.

This is because they dedicate their service to ensure the comfort of the customers. Evidence of this is by the amenities the hotels have provided to their customers. The likes of gyms, massage parlors and swimming pools top this list. None of the Hilton Hotels lacks such amenities and they are equipped with technological equipment of the highest quality. In the case of the cuisine provided by the hotel, it is superior to what other hotels offer. This is because it boasts of well-trained chefs who are prominent in their various fields. Hilton Hotels offer a large variety of foods for the customers to select their choice. The Hilton hotels and resorts have initiated a loyalty program for their customers

This program is called the Hilton HHonours, in which the customers gain points every time they stay at the hotel. This program has proved to be a huge success and it now has about 30 million members. Customers are allowed to redeem their points at will for prizes such as free trips and stays in any of their hotels. This program has been successful because the business has several partnerships with major airline companies all over the world. Therefore, it has been easy for them to plan these rewards for their most loyal customers. This program has made the Hilton a preferred destination for several travelers in the world. The inception of this loyalty program has been a notable cause of its economic growth in the past few years.

The only con that is associated with the Hilton Hotels and Resorts is the cost of their rooms. As much as their services are remarkable, the cost of staying at such hotels is rather high. Such prices limit the number of people who can afford to stay there. If their prices were reviewed, their customer base would increase significantly and their levels of growth will be tremendous. High pricing has limited the group of hotels only to the wealthy socialites, elites and upper middle class members. In order to record even greater success levels they require to increase the number of customer they serve. This can be best done by a reduction of the pricing of their hotels especially in the United States.




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