How Design Can Help Improve Branding

Posted: August 12th, 2013





How Design Can Help Improve Branding

Different companies have specific images or phrases that identify with their brand. Graphic designers are involved in the creation of these communication material that consumers use to identify different brands. Graphic designers, though at the bottom of this business chain, can influence the communication their brands make by emphasizing on the integrity of their graphic works. Advertisements and logos designed by graphic designers are supposed to communicate the real value and state of the brand being advertised. Realism has to be brought to product branding because before the customer decides to acquire that branded product, all they relate to is the brand logo or phrase design.

Reality branding seeks to engage the company heads in designing the outcome of their brand logo and phrases. Designers must seek the actual truth about the state and reputation of a company before engaging themselves in designing their brand logo, phrases, brochures or advertisements. The real information has to be communicated to the interested parties. If a company is local, for example, designers should not portray them as being regional or global in their advertisements. All information in the adverts should be relevant. Design communication should be honest and communicate in a down-to-earth way.

Reality branding designing stipulates that designers allow for criticism in their design process. Designers should question the internal indiscipline of brands and inform the management to correct these before portraying a better image of them. Reality branding should point out the real responsibilities of the brand to its customers. Personalities used in advertising should communicate the “personality” of these brands to their target market. Social networking advertisement removes the barrier between the individual in the ground and the company at the top. Communication on these networks should also employ reality branding.

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