How History Has Influenced My Life

Posted: October 17th, 2013





How History Has Influenced My Life

The United States has evolved greatly with time since the arrival of the settlers from the United Kingdom. It is a country, which has been on the path of growth due to the presence of diversity. The United States became an independent state after the declaration of independence on July 4 1776. Majority of the settlers were from the English settlers in the year 1607 who settled on the Atlantic coast. This was the beginning of the development of a country, which was inhabited by the Native Americans. Gaining independence is one of the main reasons for the presence of diversity in the United States. It ensured the ability to achieve peace and prosperity to the communities, which were in existent despite the presence of issues such as racism.

Several historical occurrences have been vital in shaping up the current society. Patriotism is one of the major virtues, which I have learned to accrue and gain acceptance in this country. The existence of the colonies in the colonial period was because of the need to gain support from each other to fight the British rule as well as external threats from the French and the Native Americans.

The Thirteen Colonies began their rebellion against the British Empire in 1775 and eventually proclaimed independence in the 1776 as constituents of the United States of America. The American Revolution, which took place between the years 1775-1783, the Americans, captured the British invasion military at Saratoga in the year 1777.  I learnt of the role of George Washington in terms of skills as a war tactician in winning the war against the powerful British Empire. The British had access to numerous resources such as funding and military hardware but lacked skills in warfare in comparison to the United States army men. I have been able to understand the history and the tribulations associated with the achievement of freedom and independence from the British government. I have been able to accrue a deep sense of patriotism

George Washington is an express and explicit illustration of a true American patriot. This is because of his dedication to his country irrespective of his circumstances in ensuring that the United States achieved its independence from the British government. His dedication and skills are replicated in modern warfare, in the United States. Modern day soldiers usually have a strong dedication and sense of patriotism to their country. This is the true value of Americans as they are ready to defend their country and its citizens irrespective of the circumstances, as well as the consequences of such undertakings.

In the era of the American Revolution, some black Americans were freed because of the revolution and independence from the British Empire. Unity is also another vital issue in the modern American society. The unification factor begun with the Thirteen Colonies which sought to rid the British from the country and gain autonomy and independence. This was paramount as individual states lacked the ability and capacity to take on the British, who were well versed in warfare and had access to adequate resources for war.

The Civil war, which lasted from 1849 to 1865, was driven by the main issue, slave trade. Anti-slavery was favored among the colonies in the north, whereas the southerners were of the view that slavery had numerous economic and social benefits. From the civil war, we learn of the deep-rooted sentiments of the slave traders towards the continuation of a particle, which was demeaning and inhumane to the slaves of whom a majority were blacks. This is evidenced by the presence of a large number of black people to the south of the United States. On the other hand, the Northerners were of the firm belief that slavery was inhumane and a sin based on their protestant religious views. The southerners had accrued majority of their wealth using the easily cheap labor provided by the slaves. In addition, the slaves provided excellent returns when they were traded.

The current black community is made up of individuals who came into the United States as slaves from Africa. This is because slavery was one of the largest commercial activities which led to the growth of the south of the United States. They provided the much-needed labor at no cost to their masters. Slavery was a significant driver in industrialization as labor is a necessary factor of production. The fight against slavery and its eventual abolishment was successful since it was the beginning of the fight for equality in the United States. This was based on the declaration of independence, which provided for freedom for all as the oppressors, the British government, had been defeated. I think that freedom is an asset to any country and its people, which should be guarded zealously.

After the achievement of stability, in the late 1800’s, well into the early 1900’s, the United States was able to attain significant economic growth, as well as increased fight for liberties by minority groups. Women were at the forefront fighting for the equality to attain liberties such as voting rights and political rights. Other minority groups such as black people and Native Americans sought to attain liberties, which were limited to only white people. The great depression, which began in the year 1929 to last into the year 1939, was a significant event, which the United States government should have learnt form to avoid mistakes which could lead to devastating economic events. This is evidenced by the previous events of the financial crisis of the year 2008 which was brought about by the presence of government laxity.

The presence of stringent measures after the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 was able to bring an era of economic growth and development in the United States. This has enabled the United States to grow as a superpower in the world given its economic might, which in turn has enabled it to attain military might. This has been one of the drivers of stability of American growth, which is present in the modern society. Increased consumerism has been one of the major factors driving growth in the American society because of the increasing size of the American middle-income class.

In addition, this has enabled achievement of technological advancements as the United States is associated with the significant technological developments in the world. This has significantly changed my life since communication has markedly changed, as well as the execution of tasks and the overall way of life. Improved technology has improved my life in that it provides the existent security forces with the ability to intercept possible external aggression activities. Additionally, it has enabled the improvement of warfare tactics for the country thus enabling the security forces to carryout their tasks effectively and efficiently in protecting the country from possible eternal aggression.

Liberalism is one of the best gifts to the modern society from the historical American society. This has been brought about by the actions of activists such as Martin Luther King and President Kennedy. The modern society is reaping from events such as the fight for gender equality and racial parity in the American society. This has been provided firmly in the American constitution in terms of accrual of equal rights for all American citizens. Liberalism has enabled achievement of justice in both economic and social perspectives. Liberalism effects are being felt in the contemporary American social settings. This is evidenced by the presence of extensive freedom in the current society. It has enabled individuals to achieve freedom in terms of speech, media, association as well as personal liberties such as voting and access to social venues and public amenities.

The women’s movement in the United States has had a large impact in the country and the world at large through influence. Feminism has been achieved through women’s movements, which criticize the society for creating a notion that women are only able to assume domestic and traditional roles such as homemakers, mothers and keepers of the homes. This has had a significant effect in that; women have been able to enter into competitive employment positions, which were predominantly assumed by their male colleagues. Gender parity in society has increased competition in the employment market. This is vital since healthy competition enables the presence of growth in terms of knowledge and skills possessed by both men and women seeking employment.

The war on terror is an issue, which has gained public scrutiny because of its devastating effects. It has enabled me to understand of the role of the military in protecting the country from possible external aggression, as evidenced by the bombings of the Twin Towers in New York on September 11 2001. This is an indication of the presence of external threats seeking to bring harm upon the United States and its populace. This has made me understand the value of life as well as the value of freedom. Freedom comes into play in that eternal aggression is a form of intimation used to instill fear on people and create fear in the country and its respective population. This has led to an understanding of the importance of the existence of an active powerful military that ensures protection of its people and the preservation of the sovereignty of the United States from external aggression.

Conclusively, I have been able to accrue several virtues from historical studies and events; patriotism, observance of gender and racial parity, respect for all, and the value of sovereignty of the country and individual freedoms, as well as the overall freedom of the people of the United States.





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