How I see myself as a leader in my community

Posted: September 3rd, 2013


How I see myself as a leader in my community






How I see myself as a leader in my community

I am a dedicated student to my studies and to the extra curriculum activities in school. I work hard in my school and modestly strive to achieve the best in my studies. This dedication and the grace of God have resulted in my achievement of high results in all my subjects and my becoming a top performer in the football and basketball team. This inspires other students to work hard in their studies and be the best in their extra curriculum activities. Secondly, I am truly blessed to be a confident person, which has made given me the courage to join and become part of the football and basketball team in school and in my neighborhood. Through confidence and the guidance of God, I have learnt how to play both these games and become a worthy player. This motivates my teammates to work hard and to be the best team. In addition, the team has been motivated towards succeeding in all the matches because when the team is confident it boosts their morale to perform well.

I try to be hardworking person who puts an effort in both class work and at home chores that I undertake. I work hard and try to succeed in all my subjects and in chores without either of these two areas affecting each other. I try to be a humble beacon to other students that it is possible to perform well in their class work, and to my friends at home that they should strive to perform well those chores they are given by their parents. The students have a high opinion of me as a leader because I make an effort to excel well in all areas of my school activities. I am committed and focused to my studies and to the tasks that I am assigned at home. I show my commitment by working hard to excel in all the areas and ensure that I do not lose my focus, which is to achieve the best in all that I do. I am therefore a modest guide to the other students, my friends and siblings to put an effort, to be focused and to achieve the best in all their undertakings.

I am a disciplined person both in school, in the community, at church and at home. It is through discipline and the guidance of God that makes it possible to excel in all that I do at school and at home. I strive to manage my time well to fit in to my busy schedule. I also try to ensure that all my class work assignments are complete on time, that I am punctual to my games practices and matches, and that I finish my chores on time. I try not to let any thing distract me from my studies, sports and chores that am working on. This encourages my peers to utilize their time wisely and not to engage in destructive behaviors. I also try to stay disciplined in religion and be committed to attending church service every Sunday. I practice what the Christian faith teaches us that every person is equal and should be treated with love, respect and dignity. I am an orderly and a critical thinker who the students and my friends emulate when they are faced with a difficult or challenging situation. I try to remain calm when overwhelmed with things and prioritize all the activities in order of urgency and importance.

I believe that I posses all the above qualities as a student and a person involved in society. Through the excellent performances that God has blessed me with in class, and my interaction in community through football and basketball, I am able to serve as a leader in my community. In addition, my dedication to achieving commitment and discipline in practicing the religious teachings I learn in church form a guide for me on how to become a better person in my community.

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