How Technology Has Changed World Culture

Posted: November 27th, 2013





How Technology Has Changed World Culture

            In the olden days, things like the internet and the computers were not yet invented. People never used to search for information in the web or communicate using the internet. At that time, cultures of the people were quite different. The different morals of the cultures that were there were quite reserved and good. After technology was invented, the different cultures changed gradually. The new generations that are coming have new cultures, which they have borrowed from the internet. It is true to say that technology has come to change the culture of the different societies in the world.

In the business world, the culture of doing business in the olden days was very different. Companies used to perform their activities face-to-face. This meant that the buyer and the seller had to meet, negotiate, and make a business deal. Additionally, very many businesses had not yet gone global. On the other hand, after the introduction of technology in the world, the business culture changed. It is not necessary for people to meet face-to-face in order for them to conduct any business deals. Currently, people are using the internet to communicate and make business deals. Additionally, very many businesses have become global and they are using the internet to market their businesses and communicate overseas with the different clients. Therefore, the business culture has changed greatly as compared to the old business culture before the technology of computers and the internet was introduced.

In the moral setting of the society, the cultures of the different societies were very reserved. People were very moral and they behaved in accordance with the setting of the society. Children were not exposed to a lot of information thus it was very easy for the parents to maintain the morals of their children. However, after the introduction of the new technology, the computers and the internet in particular, children have started becoming immoral. In the internet, there is a lot of information where some of it is very good while some of the information is not good. For instance, pornography has affected the minds of the children since it is easily accessible in the internet. This has led to the immorality that is seen among our cultures in the recent times that we are living in. Therefore, the computers and internet have changed the morality from good morals seen in the olden cultures to the immoral cultures experienced in the modern days of technology.

In the olden days, people used to communicate to one another with letters. Especially in the world of love, there was a lot of creativity in writing these letters. At that time, the love culture was very creative in the way people used to show it in the different letters. For instance, people used to have creative love poems about there loved ones that were written using a person’s own original information. However, recently after the introduction of the technology, the culture of creativity in the different people has been lost. People are no longer creative anymore because of the internet. It is very simple because people only need to copy and paste a love letter from the internet and send it to their loved ones. This has led to the death of the culture of creativity that was there in the olden days.

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