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How Technology Impacts Young People

The rapid advancement in technology has helped in shaping the future of the young generation. For decades, machines have been used, but with the recent advancement, they deserve a considerable enhancement to enable better learning system. For instance, the use of computers such Internet applications that allow the youths to capitalize their greatest learning resource has been on the increase. Technology advancement has contributed to effective communication and enhanced better socialization among the youths. However, digital technology has contributed to negative and positive effects among the young generation in the modern society. The youths have been exposed to digital technology to an extent that the society has started experiencing the impact of this technology. Therefore, if the societies make the right decisions now, they can substantially make better changes in the ways technology can be used today and for future generations without affecting young people. Since technology is integrated into the young people’s lives, it is vital to discuss how technology affects them positively and negatively.

Technology advancement has positively affected the lives of young people in diverse ways. First, with the advancement in technology, lives of young people have become much easier because technology is helping them to accomplish what was formerly not achievable. For instance, the use of machine devices such as telephones, televisions, radios as well as the internet, have made lives of the younger generation easier. This is because they can use technologies such as computer games in advancing their skills in sports. Moreover, it creates awareness of the changes occurring across the globe. For instance, the young generation can learn about healthcare benefits thus becoming aware of the way they can maintain their body healthy. This is done through mass media such as televisions and radios thus raising awareness among the young generations.

Secondly, technology in communication benefits the young people in many ways. Through the use of phones and Internet applications, the youths are able to make communication efficiently and effectively. This is because the use of Internet especially the use of emails helps in delivering information faster and effectively due to high speed and clarity. Cases of fraud are controlled and its proximity makes communication process reliable. Moreover, it makes socialization easier because many youths are connected on Face Book, Gmail and Yahoo chat lists thus they meet with many friends across the globe. Youths utilize the internet in communicating with friends and relatives freely and participate in significant social activities.

Lastly, technology has helped in the education sector in many ways. First, many educational institutions both public as well as private ones incorporate computer as part of the educational process. This is because computers aid in research processes for various courses under study. For instance, in the information technology course, computer engineers or programmers work hard in order to integrate and manipulate methods as well as systematize the programs. They do so in order to compete with others in a computerized world. In fact, the Internet as part of technology has aided in the research process. This is the central purpose of using technology in education. This is because students are nowadays able to find online materials such as books, scholarly journals and on line dictionaries thus making the research work easier (Veletsianos 39).

Another way it has helped in education is through sharing knowledge through on line discussions. Students share their learning ideas on a certain topic of discussion through active participation in online discussions. Moreover, many students are able to attain degrees for various courses through distance education programs and even they can use Internet for job searching. The internet is remarkably educational because skilled educators create a rich learning environment whereby students are being introduced to new ideas. Technology has helped students to develop new skills as well as expanded their knowledge in wider subjects. This is because the informed technology engages students to participate and learn new experiences. This is through creating a community of students a cross the environmental boundaries.

In addition, technology has helped in simplifying the life of youths in the education sector. This is because it has loads of valuable effects to the young generation in the society (Hutchby 29). This is because technology has played a vital role in improving the student’s learning skills. The quality of public education especially mass media has helped to create awareness among the youths. In fact, many institutions advertise the best learning institutions for obtaining degrees or masters thus enabling students to identify the best learning environment suitable for advancing their studies. Through utilization of websites, students in poor communities can get access to better libraries and best instructors around the world. This is crucial because students will develop basic academic skills thus improving students and teachers’ access to educational information.

On the other hand, technology advancement has negatively affected the lives of young people in various ways. First, it has induced attention deficit. The attention deficit prevalence on the youths has increased dramatically. According to the research study carried out on the negative impact of technology, it was found that there are high increased cases whereby youths are diagnosed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Bougie 65). This problem is associated with inattentiveness, impulsivity, or both. It is a most common disorder that affects children. Hutchby (78) argues that ADHD is a development disorder caused by too much time spent on technologies especially watching video games. The rapid pace appears to be a vital element linked with exposure of video games and attention deficits.

Secondly, digital divides are yet another disadvantage of technology. Sefton-Green (102) points out that digital technology has led to contradictions in the technology age for young people. It has led to contradictions through communication process. He further clarifies that through misinterpretations of information, there have been cases of gender divides among the youths. The research reveals that more than a half of young men and nine percent of young women would admit about their interests towards technical issues (Valdez 2011). Similarly, technological literacy differences tend to create gender gaps. This is because of the cost cutting edge of technology, which creates generation gaps between the highly prosperous and the less prosperous regions.

Thirdly, the massive advancement in technology has complicated the lives of the young generation. This is because those who are unable to get the latest gadgets are excluded from other peers’ social activities. This is what is termed as consumerism and technological dependence (Valdez 2011). The young generations grow up in a world where technical devices are rampart. Thus, gadgets such as mobile phones and hand held computers have complicated their lives. It has structured their lives in a manner that even their way of making of appointments, language as well as aesthetic preferences are very complicated (Valdez 2011).

Lastly, technology has hut education in varied ways. First, the innovative technology has changed educational values and shared behaviors of young people. The major concern in this case is that many students spend much of their time watching pornography and playing video games instead of studying. Moreover, instead of being in class, some of them visit cyber cafes to chat with their friends and to play video games. Others pretend that they are doing research work in the computer room but instead they are listening and downloading music from music websites and blogs. This has been noticed by parents, educators and the government, but they have still neglected to help students. Thus, because of this technology, the performances of students in many schools have declined (Veletsianos 93).

In addition, it has affected the young people’s writing habits. The writing styles of abbreviating names especially when youths are writing short messages have significantly contributed to poor language development. The youths consider this style of writing as the formal and faster ways of writing in the modern generation. This has led to poor performance in schools especially in languages subjects because of grammatical errors. This is because they are used with this habit of communication through short messages. Thus, they have ended up implementing that style in schoolwork. In fact, many youths spend much of their time interacting via text messages. They use acronyms and abbreviations in writing. These methods have become ingrained in the minds of the youths. Hence, it has become the common as well as formal style of writing in learning institutions.

In conclusion, since technology is integrated into the young people’s lives, it is vital to discuss how technology affects them positively and negatively. First, it has helped youths to accomplish what was formerly not achievable. They are able to make communication efficiently and effectively. Additionally, in education, it has helped in research and students share their learning ideas through active participation in online discussions. On the other hand, it has negatively affected the youths. This is because it has induced attention deficit and created digital divides as well as complicated the life of youths. It has hurt education because of changed educational values and shared behaviors of young people. This is because students spend much of their time in watching pornographies. Moreover, it has changed their writing styles. This is because students have developed vague acronyms and abbreviations thus resulting to poor performance in learning institutions.



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