How to Bake a Cake

Posted: October 17th, 2013

How to Bake a Cake







How to Bake a Cake


Hobbies are those activities people often perform to pass time as a form of relaxation. It is done during leisure times or free time. According to human nature, people are not similar when it comes to likes and dislikes. For this reason, people have different hobbies like watching televisions and listening to music. One common hobby is cooking. People like cooking as their hobby during leisure time. However, it should be noted that people have differences in what they like cooking. Some people will enjoy baking while others will enjoy roasting. For those who enjoy baking, here is an easy recipe for baking a cake during leisure time.


            When preparing to a bake a simple cake several ingredients are required. They include a cup of sugar, two cups of floor, three eggs, a half-tablespoon of baking powder and one cup of water. However, there are those who would like to add flavors like vanilla or strawberry in the mixture. This is okay provided they follow the correct recipe. Additionally, other people enjoy sophisticated cakes like chocolate cakes, black forests or marble cakes. Those cakes are a bit complicated, thus; it requires a professional. This recipe is for a simple cake that can be made by a beginner who enjoys baking cakes in his or her leisure time. The other materials that are required include a measuring cup, one that is for the dry ingredients and the other one, preferably glass, and calibrated for liquids, mixing bowl and the baking pan.

The first step is to measure the flour and pour it on the mixing bowl. This is done using the cup designated for the dry ingredients. Secondly, measure the baking powder and pour it on the mixing bowl. Measure one cup of sugar and pour it on the mixing bowl. Put water or milk depending on what type of cake that is being made. After putting water, measure the cooking oil pour it in the mixing bowl. In this case, mix the ingredients together using either hands or a mixture. On the other side, take the three eggs and mix them separately. Mixing the three eggs together ensures that the cake turns out perfectly. After mixing them, pour the eggs in the mixing bowl.

Finally, after mixing ingredients in the mixing bowl, grease the pan where you are going to put the mixture. It is critical to ensure that you do not grease the pan with a lot of oil because it can spoil the mixture. On the other hand, do not put less grease on the pan since it can cause the mixture to stick on the pan. After greasing the pan, pour the mixture into the baking pan for it to bake. It is worth noting that people often like different shapes. For instance, there are those who like a round shape cake and there are those who like a heart shape cake. All this will depend on the pan being used to bake the cake.

After pouring the mixture in the pan, heat the oven up to three hundred and fifty degrees. Place the mixture in the pan on the over for it cook. Wait for thirty to forty minutes for the cake to bake. As the cake is baking, one can prepare a fruit juice, a smoothie or a cup of tea to go with the cake. After baking, let the cake to cool down for at least ten minutes. Finally, the cake is ready to eat with the preferred drink.


            It is worth noting that there are those people who bake cakes professionally as a career. However, in this case, it is only for leisure during free time. Therefore, this is an easy recipe for enjoyment and not professional purposes. Additionally, since people are trying to bake a cake for enjoyment, it is beneficial to try out a new recipe for baking the cakes. For instance, one can add the chocolates to make a chocolate cake or one can add berries and make berry cake. For this reason, this is only a basic recipe for baking a cake. Other recipes are complicated and enjoyable to prepare once a person has learned the basics.

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